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A New Dimension

We’re launching into a new dimension, yeah! Yeah!
We’re launching into a new dimension, oh, yeah!
And you can come along if you wanna,
It’s a never been world that we’re gonna see.
We’re launching into a new dimension, yeah!

Problems, hang-ups, don’t you see,
Belong to yesterday.
This generation is future bound,
We’re hanging in there all the way.


Like a summer storm that’s forming up,
You can see the sign.
It’s the coming all together of
Ev’ry heart and soul and mind.


Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom isn’t free! Freedom isn’t free!
You’ve got to pay a price,
You’ve got to sacrifice
For your liberty.

Freedom is a word often heard today,
But if you want to keep it there’s a price to pay.
Each generation’s got to win it anew,
‘Cause it’s not something handed down to you.

Freedom isn’t free! … etc.

There was a gen’ral by the name of George,
With a small band of men at Valley Forge,
Left the comfort of home for the snow and ice,
They won independence ’cause they paid the price.

Freedom isn’t free! … etc.

For some people freedom is a waving flag,
To do your own thing is another man’s bag,
But for ev’ry man freedom’s the eternal quest.
You’re free to give humanity your very best.

Freedom isn’t free! … etc.

What Color Is God’s Skin?

“Good-night” I said to my little son
So tired out when the day was done.
Then he said as I tucked him in
“Tell me Daddy what color’s God’s skin?”

What color is God’s skin?
I said it’s black brown it’s yellow
It is red it is white.
Ev’ry man’s the same in the good Lord’s sight.”

He looked at me with his shining eyes
I knew I could tell no lies
When he said Daddy why do the diff’rent races fight
If we’re the same in the good Lord’s sight?”

What color is God’s skin?… etc.

Son that’s part of our suffering past
But the whole human family is learning at last
That the thing we missed on the road we trod
Is to walk as the daughters and the sons of God.”

What color is God’s skin?… etc.

Walk On Through

As I open the door the morning light shines brightly,
The sun slowly melts the sparkling dew.
Takin’ the best of the days gone by,
Me, I won’t look back but walk on through.
No, I won’t look back until I’m through.

I’ll talk to people I’ve never known before
We’ll travel countryside on distant shore
Plantin’ a spirit that you can’t ignore
I’ll give all I have and more

As I travel this road I know it won’t be easy
The way may be long and wearisome
But I’ll work dawn til dusk, give my days completely
And never turn back until I’m done
No, I won’t turn back until I’m done

I’ll talk to people … etc.

I see people like me who are movin’ mountains
And doin’ things they thought they coudn’t do
Simply because they just keep on rollin’
And never give up until they’re through
No, I’ll never give up until I’m through.

I’ll talk to people … etc.

As I open the door… etc.

Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d never noticed before.

Up! Up with people!
You meet ‘em wherever you go,
Up! Up with People!
They’re the best kind of folks we know.
If more people were for people,
All people ev’rywhere,
There’d be a lot less people to worry about,
And a lot more people who care.

People from the south-land and people from the north,
Like a mighty army, I saw them coming forth.
‘Twas a great reunion, befitting of a king!
Then I realized people were more important than things.

Up! Up with people!… etc.

Give the Children Back Their Childhood

Give the children back their childhood
Let the children run and play.
Don’t make them fight your battles
They’re the ones who always seem to pay.

Don’t make battlefields of their playgrounds
Don’t barricade their streets
Or they’ll grow up to soon
And they won’t grow up complete.

You can raise them on your hatred;
Revel in it, that’s your right
But if you do just remember
It’ll haunt their sleep at night.

A little mommy feeds her baby
Giving all the love she knows.
A tiny builder’s building bridges
to a world in which he’s going to grow.

Give the children back their childhood
Let the children run and play
And skip away on wings of fantasy
And dream of what they’ll be some day.

Don’t feed their minds with your bitter lines
And the prejudice that is yours
And they just may forget some day to carry on our wars.
And they just may forget some day to carry on our wars.

El Puente

Veo un país de altas montañas
Pirámides y campos floridos
y un pueblo ardiente
animado por sus corridos.
Veo sus familias a través de la gloria
y también del dolor
siempre abrazando las esperanza
de un mundo major.Veo un día un día de armonía
que viene entre la gente
y grandes y pequeños
con todos sus sueños
atravesando un puente.

Este mundo es como un huérfano
perdido y sin hogar
en la orilla de un gran río
que no puede atravesar.
Cada hombre y mujer colocan las piedras
del puente que están levantando
hacia el gran porvenir que los niños
un día estarán disfrutando.

I see a country of high mountains
of pyramids and verdant fields
and a passionate people
inspired by its epic songs.I see its families
through glory and through pain
always holding on to the hope
of a better world.

I see a day coming
a day of harmony among people
and great and small with all their dreams
crossing a bridge.

This world is like an orphan
lost and without a home
standing on the bank of a great river he cannot cross.
Each man and woman lays the stones
of the bridge that is being built
towards the great future
that the children will one day enjoy.

I see a day coming…etc.