Black and White

Round the world or the neighborhood,
Can't see nothin' but bad or good.
It's all black and white, black and white.
It's stand or fall, win or lose.
Read all about it in the news
In black and...

Lift Me Up

Hear the sounds driftin' through the night,
See the crowd through the hazy light, wo oh,
It's so dramatic.
People walkin' in the city lights,
Takin' in all the city sights, wo oh,
It's so...

Time For The Music

So many things goin' on today
Hittin' us from ev'ry angle,
Radio, TV, papers and all
Leavin' my mind in a tangle.
I think it's time,
Yeah, I think it's time,
I think it's time, I think it's...


We've got the sunrise,
We've got the moonlight,
We've got tomorrow
And it can be all right.

Here beneath the sun
We share a place called home,
And whatever comes
We are sisters and...

Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d...

Unfinished World

When I think of all we’ve got
All the beauty that surrounds us
Like the magic of a sunset
And the children playing around us
What lovely lovely lovely place to be.
But like the day turns...