Unspoken Words

Somebody nods another bows
And then a hand is shaking a hand.
With little gestures and quiet moves
We try to understand.Bizu bizu face to face
There’s a story in ev’ry look.
Goodbye hello...

Keep The Beat

There’s a rhythm that is you, and a rhythm that is me
A progression and a tune, all connected to a beat
An orchestra that grows, everywhere the people go
Gotta keep...

Can We Sing A Song Of Peace?

Can we sing a song of peace
In a world that’s full of fear?
Can a melody of hope
Ever hope to dry a tear?
It’s an easy thing to say
And it’s so hard to hear.
Will the fighting ever...

A Common Beat II

Did anybody notice?
Are we the only ones who can see
All of these colors woven in a tapestry?
So beautiful together so beautiful alone.
We’re all so very diff’rent
And yet I feel at...