With One Heart

Can you hear me
Pleading for you, save me
I’m wasting away slowly breaking down every day

Open your eyes, this is your life
How can we...

We’ll Be There

There’s a place they call tomorrow,
somewhere in the reaches of our minds.
To find the road to get there isn’t easy,
there’s so many different signs.
But we’ve...

Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d...

The Sound Of Peace

Is there any greater sadness than a child that’s born in fear?
What a lonely sight the world would make if the children were not here.
‘Cause they’re the universal melody the music of our...

Shine The Light

I was watchin’ the news today
So many struggle to live
We’re all in this world together
There’s so much I can give

So lets raise up...

Power With

Power with a sister a brother
is stronger than power over each other (2X)

If you feel lonely and confused
There is a place where you can go...

One 2 One

A man walks up to another man who is lying in the street
And he says Let me help you, brother, let me help you to your feet
And then he reaches out to lift him and the...

Keep The Beat

There’s a rhythm that is you, and a rhythm that is me
A progression and a tune, all connected to a beat
An orchestra that grows, everywhere the people go
Gotta keep...

It Takes A Whole Village

Papa’s out in the field mama’s down by the well
Grandma’s away at the market with manioc to sell.
A neighbor is watching the children
they’re playing down by the path.
An old man comes...

I Can Believe

Hey now, slow down, this world is changin’ fast
And I cannot find my way now
what can I say now about our world?
Can I believe that we can find a way?
Can I believe...