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You’re My Son

It wasn’t that long ago
A little boy who knew he’d done wrong
sat on his bed, lowered head, afraid he’d let people down
felt ashamed as his dad reached out and turned him around
and said “why are you sad? Don’t you know:”

You’re my son
And my life is blessed because of you
You’re all that a father could hope for
One day you’re gonna see
You have no greater fan than me
And I wanted you to know how I feel
‘cause I couldn’t be prouder to say: “You’re my son”

The years fly by
The boy’s strugglin’ through school, and he knows exactly why
but he won’t quit – he’ll push through it
doesn’t want to let people down
feels ashamed – till dad reaches out, turns him around
and says “why are you sad? Don’t you know:”


The doctor said there’s not much time
I went in, took my father’s hand and looked him in the eye
He whispered “please don’t be sad”
I said: “I love you Dad”
He smiled at me, and went home… and I said:

I’m your son
And my life’s been blessed because of you
You are everything to this boy who loves you so
And every day I’ll try to be
All the man you were for me
And I’ve got to let you know how I feel
‘cause forever I’m proud to say, I’m your son

Won’t Be Afraid

Mama once told me
Look out for yourself
Never give in
To anyone else
The sweet kiss of life
Got me under a spell
Before I knew it, I fell

I keep on dreaming dreams
With my mindful heart
Trying to figure out
Just where to start
Trying to take a chance
Hoping it doesn’t all fall apart
Gotta go, gotta feel, need to know we’re livin
Gotta move, gotta dance, need to have that feeling
No matter what happens I won’t be afraid to love
Won’t be afraid to love

Now I’ve been a lot of places
Seen a lot of pain
I been down and broken
But I got up again
The sweet kiss of life
Made me feel so alive
Sun was shining so brightChorus

Life is waiting, for ya… Life is waiting

Who Will You Be?

There’s a boy who goes to school
Feeling lost and so afraid
He’s so tired of being lonely
And others laughing at his pain

Life was knocking at his door, sayin’
Open up to so much more
Raise your hand, Take a stand
Come on and see
The truth should set you free
Who will you be?

There’s a girl who’s not afraid
To live in her own way
Some friends and family condemn her
But she’s strong and knows she’ll be OK

Life keeps knocking at her door, sayin’
Open up to so much more
Raise your hand, Take a stand
Come on and see
The truth should set you free
Who will you be?

Some differences we can’t see
We should all have the right to be,
And to love who we love
To have what we need
To stand up and see…

Life knockin’ at our door, sayin’
Open up to so much more
Raise your hand, Take a stand
Come on and see
Truth sets us free
Who will you be

Where The Roads Come Together

None of us is born the same
We don’t know why; it’s the way we came.
Every heart beats a little differently
Each soul is free to find its way
Like a river that winds its way to the sea.

For life is a journey
And there are many roads beneath the sky
And there are many good people
Who don’t see eye to eye

Not every man can sing your tune;
From where he stands there’s another view
With every turn we’re learnin’ more
And perhaps we’ll find
That the walls we build are only in the mind.

There are many roads to go
And they go by many names.
They don’t all go the same way
But they get there all the same
And I have a feelin’ that we’ll meet some day
Where the roads come together up the way.

What’s The Rush?

Graduation day,
Finally you’re there, hats in the air.
Reaching for the ring, grab the wheel
Up another rung on the ladder.

Did you say goodbye, look your mom in the eye?
Let your toes sink in the sand, what’s the rush?
Ah……… what’s the rush?

Promotion day,
Did what you had to do, rising to the top.
Reaching for the ring, grab the wheel,
Up another rung on the ladder.

Did you say goodbye, look your dad in the eye?
Open up in the open air, what’s the rush?
Ah……… what’s the rush?

Final days,
Nothing more to do, dust in the wind.
Vanished are the rings, gone the wheel,
No more rungs, no more ladders.

Did you kiss them all? What will you miss?
How brief the time we have here, I wonder what’s the rush?
Ah……… what’s the rush?

Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d never noticed before.

Up! Up with people!
You meet ‘em wherever you go,
Up! Up with People!
They’re the best kind of folks we know.
If more people were for people,
All people ev’rywhere,
There’d be a lot less people to worry about,
And a lot more people who care.

People from the south-land and people from the north,
Like a mighty army, I saw them coming forth.
‘Twas a great reunion, befitting of a king!
Then I realized people were more important than things.

Up! Up with people!… etc.

Through Your Eyes

From a kid on the corner with nothing to eat,
To a man left with only the shoes on his feet.
A family neglected, left on the street, it’s what I’ve seen.
From my first cup of coffee, the posts that I read,
The everyday people: the news that I see.
It fuels my desire; reach out meet a need, that’s what I see.

It’s a wide open world through another one’s eyes.
It’s the everyday people, the stories that they bring to life.

What would I see if I looked through their eyes?
Would I see tomorrow, a hope for another sunrise?
What would I see in the stories of their lives?
Would I laugh or break down and cry
If I saw through their eyes? What would I see?

The whole world is changing around you and me.
There’s so much to learn, there’s so much left to see.
If we could change faces, trade places, what would I see?
When you see me, I wonder what judgments you make,
From your side of the street how do you see my face?
Am I good, am I bad, could you be who I am? What would you see?

It’s a whole ‘nother world when you see through my eyes.
It’s a brand new beginning, and you bring my story to life.


When different is all we see causes can seem justified.
Everything changes when we see through each other’s eyes.

The Water Is Rising

The polar bears are moving north,
The penguins are moving south.
The ice is breaking, the Earth is shaking,
And time is running out.
The Northwest Passage has opened up
Like the parting of the Red Sea,
The ocean’s warming, big storm warning,
But not everyone agrees.

The water is rising, the fire is raging,
The mud is sliding, the wind is changing.
And tomorrow’s riding
On what we’re deciding,
Can we turn the tide?
The water is rising, yeah, the water is rising.

Some say it’s human activity,
And some say that it ain’t,
That it’s only human to keep on consumin’,
And we don’t need no restraint.
Some say scientists just made it up,
And it’ll stop economic growth,
But if we don’t choose to cut the CO2’s
We’d better start building a boat.Chorus

BRIDGE (spoken)
I had a dream the other night,
It seemed the whole world was standing on a shore,
Friends and foes, rich and poor,
And the water was rising,
Up to our knees, up to our hips,
Up to our necks, up to our lips,
I woke up in a cold sweat,
Relieved that it hadn’t happened yet…
I picked up the morning paper,
And on the front page was a headline that read,
Like a deadline from some future age, it said,


Peace Party

Everybody around the world
Won’t you listen to what I gotta say, hey!
Too many people livin’ in fear
And it don’t have to be that way
Sometimes the world is so bad
When it’s hijacked by a militant few
You know peace won’t come easy
But it’s something we gotta do, something we gotta do

Your invite to a peace party, Come on and shout out WHOOO!

Let’s have a peace party, yeah party for peace
That’s right a peace party, we’re takin’ it to the street
It’s what we need: bump the music and dance for peace
Come on with me, bump the music and dance with me
Let’s have a peace party, yeah party for peace
That’s right a peace party, we’re takin’ it to the street, yeah
Talkin’ ‘bout peace all around the world and
Peace to ev’ry man, woman, boy and girl.

Our world has a hist’ry
With some things we should never repeat
We write the future in real time
It’s yours and it’s mine
A peace party would be sweet



Open your eyes, see the social compromise leaving you witness to lies
As they steady multiply. We are press: we stand but won’t fight, peace
Is a goal let’s unite tonight we’ll prove to the world, every boy every girl
We keep it together whether you think it’s for better
either we do this together or never say that we did it
We are destined for greatness so come on let’s go take it
yeah get ready, no waitin’ it’s a peace party we’re makin’


One 2 One

A man walks up to another man who is lying in the street
And he says Let me help you, brother, let me help you to your feet
And then he reaches out to lift him and the other wonders why
Why did you stop? I stopped because, friend, it begins with you and I

One 2 one, we change the world by giving to another
A helping hand along the way
A simple act of love is what changes are made of
So, one 2 one we change the world

And what about a woman who is looking for a way
To find the hope she needs to help her make it thru another day
And there is no one there to reach out, no one there to get her thru
So who will help this woman find it, If not me, then who?


One 2 one, by one on one, something anyone can do
Everyone can touch someone

How do we heal a world that turns in darkness and pain
How does one person not believe her efforts are in vain
How do we solve all of our problems that grow larger every day
It’s in each and every person, and I know we’ll find a way


Love each other, one 2 one