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With One Heart

Can you hear me
Pleading for you, save me
I’m wasting away slowly breaking down every day

Open your eyes, this is your life
How can we survive
With all the pollution in the air and the ocean
There is still time to make it right
Yes we gotta try
All we got is one world
So all we need is one heart

With one love, with one heart
If everybody would just be down for whatever
We could change the situation
With one love, with one heart
All we really have is just one way of healing
This place we claim to love, can’t ya feel it.

Don’t you see the way men abused all my resources
We’re not so far away
From being at the point of no return, so

Open your eyes, this is your life
How can we survive
When all the animals and birds are slowly dying
There is still time to make it right
Yes we gotta try
All we got is one world
So all we need is one heart


Close your eyes and imagine a world with no separation,
With litigation tossed aside we could move a nation,
It’s all contemplation, maybe thru demonstration,
We’ll be overtaking the world with our conversation,
Hand in Hand we make moves lets go in together,
Pushing the boundaries with hearts that will live forever,
This is not about you and your best friend
Open your eyes and you can see what we’re living in,
Blasphemy, catastrophe, pushing with force
and making you hoarse when you scream for me,
I’m asking you together, that means you and your crew,
Past due on the rent with no money for school,
So what you gonna do, let me give you some cents,
So you can rub’ em together between you and your friends,
And make ends, come to grips with the reason we in
This compromised situation, riddled with hesitation,
2nd class, 3rd rate, do the math don’t hate…..


Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d never noticed before.

Up! Up with people!
You meet ‘em wherever you go,
Up! Up with People!
They’re the best kind of folks we know.
If more people were for people,
All people ev’rywhere,
There’d be a lot less people to worry about,
And a lot more people who care.

People from the south-land and people from the north,
Like a mighty army, I saw them coming forth.
‘Twas a great reunion, befitting of a king!
Then I realized people were more important than things.

Up! Up with people!… etc.

The Sound Of Peace

Is there any greater sadness than a child that’s born in fear?
What a lonely sight the world would make if the children were not here.
‘Cause they’re the universal melody the music of our soul.
We hear a symphony of heartbeats when the children say “hello”
We hear a symphony of heartbeats when the children say

See our eyes see our faces
We’re from all the different places in the world
And we share in one belief.
Hear our questions hear our choices
If you listen to our voices with your heart
You’ll hear the sound of peace.

Without us there is no future
No hope to build tomorrow
No dreams to touch the sky.
When we all sing together
We share with one another
A love that will not die.

See our eyes see our faces … etc.

The cannon and saber we’ve heard them all before.
Let the international anthem be the sound of peace not war.
It’s the sound of people showing we share in one belief.
It’s the sound of children singing this is the sound of peace.

See our eyes see our faces … etc.

If you listen to our voices with your heart
You’ll hear the sound of peace.

Sing Your Song

There’s an old man by the subway train
With his old guitar, you pass him every day.
Today’s the first time you stop and listen,
As you’re reachin’ for change in your pocket, he says

You know that each of us
Has a song to sing, a story to tell, now.
Come on and share your heart,
Invite the world to sing along, come on now

This is my song,
Tell me what’s wrong with singin’ it for the world.
This is the time for minds to meet the call,
My song’s for one and all.
Oh… oh… Sing your song.

Girl sits on a broken wall,
Her young eyes, they’ve seen it all.
Her spirit won’t sway, she stands up to say,
Today is the day, ‘cause nothing stands in our way,

You know that each of us
Has a song to sing, a story to tell, now.
Come on and share your heart,
Invite the world to sing along, come on now

This is our song … etc.

My song, is my way of telling you just who I am.
Happy or sad, the life that I have, good or bad.
It’s your attitude that you choose.
Wherever you may live, and whoever you might be,
Add your voice to mine in harmony.

Woah woah woah, a song for the world.
Sing Out! Come on!
Sing your song.

Shine The Light

I was watchin’ the news today
So many struggle to live
We’re all in this world together
There’s so much I can give

So lets raise up the curtains
And focus the light
On our brothers and sisters
And do what is right

There are people out there who do more than their share
They reach out a hand, lift up their fellow man
Let the world see their fight, they’re turnin’ wrong into right
Lets all take a cue from the unselfish work that they do
And then let’s shine the light
Shine the light (x 2)

There is so much that we can do
Its not as hard as it seems
Find a way to help others live
Help find someone’s dreams

So lets raise up the curtains
Refocus the light
On the whole human family
And do what is right


It’s not impossible
To change this world
Just start with you and me
Every man woman boy and girl


Power With

Power with a sister a brother
is stronger than power over each other (2X)

If you feel lonely and confused
There is a place where you can go to.
Reach deep within yourself and let the power show through

There’s a much easier road
that leads to a brighter tomorrow
Let your power take control


We all need a little respect
not too much to ask not much to expect.
Nobody needs rejection a mask for protection.

Deep down we all want to know:
is there someone to turn to to show to ask a question
in good time there’s a chance we will find
We’re growin’ stronger and we’re getting’ closer


Power can you feel it growing? It comes from knowing:
Power if we work with each other not against each other
You’re my sister my brother.


One Person (What Can I Do?)

Someone once told me history’s always repeating.
Deep down I can’t believe that’s true.
‘cause I’m still young I’m dreaming and I’m learning
and I’m hoping I can’t stop hoping.

I saw a young girl feeding her little brother
Her last scrap of food on a far off roadside.
And I thought of the millions of others just like her but
What can I do what can I do?

Sometimes the faces overtake me
Emotions fall on me like rain.
You can’t stop time or hold back the tide and
You can’t move a mountain. Can anybody ever stop the pain?

Woah, what can I do?
I’m just one person … one person.
Woah, what can I do?
I’m just one person same as you.

Could there be a time of peace an age of mercy
Beyond the promises that lie in the dust.
Beyond all the borders and lines that divide us
Could it be now? Find a way now.

How can we fix a world that’s broken
Pull together what’s been torn apart?
Someone has to make a stand so just look in the mirror
It starts inside a solitary heart.


We’ve seen walls tumble down seen chains fall as freedom sings.
Because one person stood and answered the question:
What can I do? What can I do?”


It Takes A Whole Village

Papa’s out in the field mama’s down by the well
Grandma’s away at the market with manioc to sell.
A neighbor is watching the children
they’re playing down by the path.
An old man comes along and tells them a story
Always makes them laugh and he says:
“When you go down by the river watch out for those crocodiles.”
You see in Africa the old saying goes:

It takes a whole village to raise a child. (4X)
Ina chukua kijiji kizima kum lea m’ toto

The world is a village now and it isn’t very large.
It’s a struggle for survival families working so hard.
And who is watching the children in front of the big TV
And helping them to understand everything they see?
Who is going to sit down with them and listen for awhile?
You see in Africa the old saying goes:

It takes a whole village … etc.

Leave ‘em a dream tell ‘em a tale
Teach ‘em to read and hammer a nail.
Uncles and aunts grandparents and teachers
Big sisters big brothers neighbors shopkeepers.

It takes a whole village … etc.

Arm Yourself

Ain’t tryin’ to preach it to ya, just need some time to show ya
Everything you want go get it, everything
Aint nothin’ wrong with knowin’, knowin’ is the key to growin’
You’ll never get far without it, just wait and see
What is your dream, do you know that
What you learn can make it all so real
Check it and see, if you learn then you will succeed (stay in school)

Don’t ever lose your focus, stand up make them take notice
Step up your knowledge game too (get your head right)
Don’t late those haters stop you from getting’ yours you gotta
Arm yourself with knowledge and you’ll (get your head right)
Get it right…

So don’t be checkin’ for the small minded ones, oh no
Their thoughts are poison and they’re keepin’ you down
Your mind can take ya, so let it take ya, anywhere you wanna be
U.W.P, set the standard, of how learning can do you right
Strengthen your mind, you got time
If ya wanna change the world, it begins in the mind


Give chase to the end of the race,
Every step keep da pace and never lose face,
When the darkness falls, ya feet make haste,
Never stop to recall this is not a debate,
Breath in, don’t stop, steady exhale,
Never let all the negative thoughts prevail,
If you fall, then you stand up taller the next time,
You crawl for a minute, but it’s all in your head,

Time to, get wit it, arm yourself, brush ya shoulders off,
Leave the past, just move in the moment,
All, calls are left for your voicemail,
Never let your haters get close, sail over the heads,
Tell the tale of, a fighter who’ll never give in,
Push thru wit a body, move crews to the side,
Spectators’ll always dictate, so never lose faith,
Keep ya head in the sky,

Don’t fall behind, life is movin’, at the speed of sound, it’s so easy to fall down
Don’t blink, ’cause might miss somethin’, opportunity or somethin’
Don’t let one moment pass you by