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Journey On

The world has come a long way,
Travelin’ on this road to freedom.
Everybody’s goin’ their own way,
Lookin’ for a reason to lead ‘em.
Standing at the top of a mountain,
More mountains and valleys to go.
The journey is far from over,
Maybe the road we’re on is home.

With so much before us,
This is our time to chase the dream.
This is our moment to go for our destiny.

Journey on, Journey on
You can’t stay where you are for very long.
Don’t give up, find the strength you need to journey on.
‘cause in the end, it’s not just where we go,
But how we get there and who we’ve known
On this long walk, together we will journey on.

Lookin’ back on the road behind us
We see footsteps from our past.
Loved ones who’ve touched our lives,
And too often, left us too fast.

But they are always with us,
They left handprints on our hearts.
Their lives give us strength to get up and start again.
Leaving’s not losing we win by how we live.


This is not the beginning of the end, this is but the end of a beginning.
Dance every dance, take every chance, make every moment count.


I Will

When things began, just you and me
I believe we just shook hands.
No cause for animosity,
No walls between our lands.
Then somewhere along we learned to attack.

Learned to hit, learned to yell.
Learned to take, learned to kill.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just go back
To what our hearts were made for?
Seems the makings of peace would be
Easier than making war.
‘stead of what we’re against can’t we stand for what we’re for?

Learn to give, learn to build.
Learn to live, and say ‘I will’

I will show love, I will
I will share hope, I will
I will believe we will… We will

I’m not ashamed to sing of peace & love,
Not afraid to say ‘I care’.
One thing I’m guilty of:
Believing that hope is more than air.
I can feel it in you… in me… it’s everywhere…


Footsteps of a Girl

We sit here quietly and watch
In our comfortable chairs.
Will enough ever be enough,
Are we getting anywhere?
When girls can’t walk outside the door
Without being scarred for life.
It’s a world we’ve never known before,
It’s a world where books keep you alive.

Maybe we should follow
The footsteps of a girl.
The woman of tomorrow,
Let’s fight for a better world.

Let the strength, and power and courage run through us all,
Let it tear down every brick of every wall.
We don’t fear, we don’t fear a scar.
Let the voice of women be heard through us all,
Let it tear down every brick of every wall.

How could we let it get this way,
How could we close our eyes?
I couldn’t bear to sit and wait
When we still have the time.

Maybe we should follow … etc.

Cuba en mi Corazon

Cuba vive siempre en mi corazón
De Santiago a Gibara, oye me
Cuba vive siempre en mi corazón
Y de Bayamo a Santa Clara, ahi na’ ma’
Cuba vive siempre en mi corazón
De Cienfuegos all the way to Camaguey
Cuba vive siempre en mi corazon
Y de Matanzas a la Habana mi pana

Bajo la sombra de las palmas tocando
Une guagira y un son
Con las voces de los antepasados
en cada canción.
De la playa a la Sierra yo siento
Un saludo acogedor
Es un pueblo sincero que ofrece
Sus manos con amor
bah, bah, bah etc.

Tierra colora, y yemanya
La rosa blanca a cultivar,
La flor de la paz y de l’amistad,
El sueno de toda l’humanidad

Cuba siempre en mi corazon (2x)
Cuba vive siempre en mi corazon

A Single Step

Mama said early on:
Sometimes you lose the race,
You just gotta move on.
Keep pace, the road is long.
So wear your bravest face,
Find out where you belong.
This is your road, this is your day.
This is your time: where you’re goin’s never too far away.

A thousand miles, somebody said,
Start when we take a single step.
A thousand reasons to begin,
To move ahead.It’s where you’re goin’ and where you been
Cuz the beginnings never end.
Another road, another chance
To move ahead… take a step.
Oh… a single step

We don’t know what lies beyond,
But everyday we get up,
We just gotta move on.
Different paths, different starts
Come together in
The common beat of our hearts.
This is our road, this is our day.
This is our time: where we’re goin’s never too far away


A step toward justice, a step for the Earth,
A step for people in a world of hurt.
A step from fear, a step toward trust,
A step toward reason – no more them and us.