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You’re My Son

It wasn’t that long ago
A little boy who knew he’d done wrong
sat on his bed, lowered head, afraid he’d let people down
felt ashamed as his dad reached out and turned him around
and said “why are you sad? Don’t you know:”

You’re my son
And my life is blessed because of you
You’re all that a father could hope for
One day you’re gonna see
You have no greater fan than me
And I wanted you to know how I feel
‘cause I couldn’t be prouder to say: “You’re my son”

The years fly by
The boy’s strugglin’ through school, and he knows exactly why
but he won’t quit – he’ll push through it
doesn’t want to let people down
feels ashamed – till dad reaches out, turns him around
and says “why are you sad? Don’t you know:”


The doctor said there’s not much time
I went in, took my father’s hand and looked him in the eye
He whispered “please don’t be sad”
I said: “I love you Dad”
He smiled at me, and went home… and I said:

I’m your son
And my life’s been blessed because of you
You are everything to this boy who loves you so
And every day I’ll try to be
All the man you were for me
And I’ve got to let you know how I feel
‘cause forever I’m proud to say, I’m your son


Restless hearts beat like thunder
echoing from the square
A fire burns just like the passion
in those gathered therePeople waving banners
chanting as cameras roll
carrying the torch of justice for one and all
Oh — they carry the torch for one and for all

Here we are
And now the story’s changing
Can we hear
Beyond the words they are saying
Maybe when all sides
Can rise above the noises
We’ll listen to the voices
Of the world

Hear the voice of my dad
The job that he worked has gone dry
A world away,
There’s a mother too worn out to cry
And all the young
Raised in the cradle of war
It’s the only life they’ve ever known
Somehow there’s got to be more
Voices that say, someday, gotta be something more


Sometimes we only hear what we want to
Find comfort with voices we know
But it takes all the others to make harmony
And find a song of peace


Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d never noticed before.

Up! Up with people!
You meet ‘em wherever you go,
Up! Up with People!
They’re the best kind of folks we know.
If more people were for people,
All people ev’rywhere,
There’d be a lot less people to worry about,
And a lot more people who care.

People from the south-land and people from the north,
Like a mighty army, I saw them coming forth.
‘Twas a great reunion, befitting of a king!
Then I realized people were more important than things.

Up! Up with people!… etc.

Stand Up Now

You can see it in her eyes
She holds so much pain
But no one says a word,
When they laugh and call her names
What-cha gonna do, are you gonna do,
What-cha gonna do, are you gonna do, what’s right
You hold the key, you have the opportunity to

Stand up now, lift up your voices
Stand up now, this is your time
Stand up now, we all have choices
Rise and fight with kindness

He sits all alone, cautious and afraid
As they push him to the ground, not a single word is said
What-cha gonna do, are you gonna do,
What-cha gonna do, are you gonna do, what’s right
You can set him free


Hey yo we gotta stand up… even thru adversity,
Cuz troubles always come around trying to ruin you and me
We gotta fight back with love is the answer,
Gotta push the hate down, let em see us stand up,
We need to spread the peace and let the hate die,
Knowing that… We can achieve something great rise!
And stand firm when you’re going thru the struggle,
When people try to break you down remain humble…
Know that you’re worth more then they treat you,
Try as they can, but don’t let ‘em deceive you,
Just stand tall and nothing can reach you,
Though some people are cruel don’t let them defeat you…


Say Hey

HEY… stop, look around now
Take time realize what its all about
Don’t stress when you see me out,
It’s not complex, say hello and try to work it out
H.E.Y. Say it when you walk by,
Hands up in the sky,
Wave it when you see me ride, bye, bye at the end of the day,
But when the sun comes up,
And you see me raise your hand and say…

HEY… around the world with my people say
HEY… from Belize to Capri say
HEY… shake hands with me, from Nippon to Bhali
When you see me put ‘em up and say
HEY… in the backwoods scream and say
HEY… from the city don’t forget to say
HEY… from the valleys of Cali the shores of Hawaii just say HEY

HEY… Get the word out now
As the world turns, love it down, live it up
Peace signs when I’m chillin’ in Atlanta
Catch a ride down the I-95 to Miami, don’t stop
Till we see the shores of South Beach
Where they bring the noise
From the cities of Greece spread peace,
From the Colliseum of Rome until we get home, say

HEY… Spreading the love with my people say
HEY… from Brazil to Ibiza say
HEY… come dance with me,
From Stockholm to Morocco when you see me say
HEY… Cairo let me hear you say
HEY… From Australia don’t forget to say
HEY… From the Keys and the Caribbean Seas
Come together raise your hands sing it with me say HEY

Travel the world with my people say
nevertheless no stress
cuz it’s never complex
just to hear you say


Break bread with my people no fightin’
Sun shinin’ chillin’ in the islands
when you see me strut down the street
New York, Shanghai, O-Zone
Don’t forget to say


It makes you happy when you’re sad
Even in the hood
it can make you feel good so
around the world
raise the level of connection
network to the height of perfection

I let you roll with me
if you only relinquish control just be
it’s not hard all over the earth
it’s the first word
everyone should learn from birth



Rise Up!

One man alone had a dream people should be free
More than a march, it changed the course of history
Up on the rooftop, no black & white
just you and me, and out in the street
Hand-held walls no distance in between

When you call I’ll be there
You don’t have to stand alone
Voices of the world
We can do much more
Come together and rise up

One student alone, face glows from computer screen
Sayin “man this just ain’t right” to the friends he’s never seen
Up on the rooftops flash-mobs appear
it’s you and me, and out in the street
they’re rising up: their post liked and received


Voice to voice
Race to race
Screen to screen
Face to face
On smart-phones
Through networks
Make them gifts not mistakes

All people
Race to race
Screen to screen
Face to face
All human
Join in rise up

When you call I’ll be there
You don’t have to stand alone


Party ‘Round The World

Come on let’s do it now, we wanna make you smile
Let Up with People bring the party all around the world
Don’t matter that you frown, the walls we bring ‘em down
Hey everybody let’s party all around the world

Man what everybody mad for
Can’t be frown on the dance floor
DJ give ‘em all what they ask for
Ain’t even try to fight relax bro get the hat low
Bad attitude they ain’t got an app for
Let a clap go it ain’t natural
To be in them streets gettin mad dough
Life’s too short move fast though
Live a lot love and laugh more
And as for the rest of us
Let a hard time get the best of us nah
Specially when a good time next to us yeah
Round the world party catch the bus
Man, the world a stage, clap for us
Music is love it’s that for us
So have fun then bring it back for us


Sometimes, get a little down, things ain’t never what it seem
Go ahead, dance, dance till you can’t!
Rise to the top be the cream
Put your hands up, stand up go crazy baby do your thing
It’s your world and it’s mine too
Turn the music up let’s go insane
Everybody move, everybody jump
Out of your seat let the beat bump
Never gonna stop, right to the day
Wait to the night we movin’ on up
Have a good time, life of the show
Party all night we ain’t never gotta go
So I wanna see every body on the floor
On your mark ready get set go!

Feel the beat move your feet
Rhythm strong walls come down
When we sing
You can bet when we start
Crowds come round, keep it loud
Let’s get down


Make A Change

Reach out, and take my hand
Together, we’ll take a stand
So many people fall every day
Don’t you think it time we try
to help them find their way

When the well runs dry I’m gonna be there for you
cause if everyone helps someone there’s so much we can do.
If you wanna make the world a better place
you gotta stand up, speak out and today, make a change.

Sometimes life’s so rough.
And you try, but it’s never enough.
So many people working hard every day
Don’t you think it’s time we try
to help them find their way


Don’t let a day go by without showing that you care,
and letting someone know you’ll always be there.



They say that home is where the heart is this could be true.
But home’s much more than brick and stone
A number on a street a roof a phone
A home is a place where we belong.
It’s the world around us that connects us
It’s the life we share.
In cities and towns across the globe
what one does touches all like the ripples from the stone.
They only grow and touch the corners of our

Home no matter who you are no matter where you’re from
We gotta understand that it’s the only one we got it’s
Home no matter where you are no matter where you go
Everything you see everywhere you look around you you are home.

The air is hazy from a sky that’s raining brown
No water to drink.
We play the same blame game it’s a shame
That those who live on a dollar a day
Would give it all for what I wash down my sink.

Yet from afar we seem so peaceful
all blues and whites and greens.
Get below the clouds and the canopies
Trees disappear degrees increase
And good or bad the ripples only spread
And reach the corners of our


Home is where the
Heart is home is
Where we share our
Love is home is

No matter where you are no matter where you come from.
We’ve gotta understand that it’s the only one we
No matter where you are no matter where you go to.
It’s everything you see it’s everywhere you look around

El Puente

Veo un país de altas montañas
Pirámides y campos floridos
y un pueblo ardiente
animado por sus corridos.
Veo sus familias a través de la gloria
y también del dolor
siempre abrazando las esperanza
de un mundo major.Veo un día un día de armonía
que viene entre la gente
y grandes y pequeños
con todos sus sueños
atravesando un puente.

Este mundo es como un huérfano
perdido y sin hogar
en la orilla de un gran río
que no puede atravesar.
Cada hombre y mujer colocan las piedras
del puente que están levantando
hacia el gran porvenir que los niños
un día estarán disfrutando.

I see a country of high mountains
of pyramids and verdant fields
and a passionate people
inspired by its epic songs.I see its families
through glory and through pain
always holding on to the hope
of a better world.

I see a day coming
a day of harmony among people
and great and small with all their dreams
crossing a bridge.

This world is like an orphan
lost and without a home
standing on the bank of a great river he cannot cross.
Each man and woman lays the stones
of the bridge that is being built
towards the great future
that the children will one day enjoy.

I see a day coming…etc.