Song Name Won’t Be Afraid
Appears on Album The Journey
Writing Credits Words & Music by: Mario Romero, Jessica Rojas, Amanda Cygnaeus Produced by: Mario Romero; Vocal Arrangement: Mario Romero Recorded at Side 3 Studios, Denver CO
Writer’s Notes A contemporary dance production that explores emotional intelligence: ‘Gotta go, gotta feel, need to know we’re living’, no matter what happens, I won’t be afraid to love’
Copyright Copyright © 2015 by Up with People
Lyrics Verse
Mama once told me
Look out for yourself
Never give in
To anyone else
The sweet kiss of life
Got me under a spell
Before I knew it, I fell

I keep on dreaming dreams
With my mindful heart
Trying to figure out
Just where to start
Trying to take a chance
Hoping it doesn’t all fall apart
Gotta go, gotta feel, need to know we’re livin
Gotta move, gotta dance, need to have that feeling
No matter what happens I won’t be afraid to love
Won’t be afraid to love

Now I’ve been a lot of places
Seen a lot of pain
I been down and broken
But I got up again
The sweet kiss of life
Made me feel so alive
Sun was shining so brightChorus

Life is waiting, for ya… Life is waiting

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