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24 Apr, 2019   |   

Up with People Alumni – Where Are They Now? Interview with Charles Henry

This month’s ‘Where Are They Now?’ interview features Up with People alumnus Charles Henry. Charles traveled in the mid-90’s with Up with People. In addition to being a true rock-star in Las Vegas, he has also produced three of our most recent hit songs: Home, Roller Coaster (Won’t Let You Go), and It Begins With Us. We are proud to continue working with Charles, and happy to feature him this month.

Where are you originally from?

“I grew up in Henderson, NV just outside of Las Vegas in the United States.”

When did you travel in Up with People?

“I was a cast member in Cast B 1997 and I also traveled in Cast E 1999 as the Band Instructor.”

What was your role?

“I was the lead electric guitarist in the Up with People band.”

What is your current position now?

“For the past 19 years, I’ve played various string instruments (guitar, bass, zither, Chapman Stick) for the Blue Man Group show. I also run my own photography business focusing on real estate and fashion portraiture.”

What do these jobs entail?

“As for Blue Man Group, it’s pretty straight forward. I play about seven shows a week. I’ve also had the opportunity to tour with the show in the United States, Canada and Australia. We’ve been the entertainment at Nascar, opened up for Miley Cyrus and quite a few other fun things.

With my photography business, I take photos and videos of homes in the area for about fifty different realtors. I also do fashion portraits for artists, models, families and the occasional wedding.”

Charles Henry, an Up with People Alumni, at a photoshoot

Can you share with us a fun story about your work after Up with People?

“Outside of the Blue Man Group, over the years I’ve been a hired to play as sideman playing guitar and other instruments on records with various artists and bands. One pretty cool thing that came from that was being able to play guitar and bass for a favorite band of mine, Third Eye Blind. The band is incredible and has been touring since 1993. Imagine if one of your favorite bands called you up and said, “Hey, we need you to play some shows with us!” They have sold more than 12 million records worldwide, won several different awards around the country and I was able to be a part of that. Talk about an incredible experience.”

How did traveling with Up with People prepare you for this position and in life?

Traveling abroad in Up with People more than prepared me for this position, it prepared me for life. It helped me burst out of my shell and learn a lot about myself as well as interacting with people. I became more confident which has allowed me to do so much with my current careers now.”

What advice would you give our youth in pursuing their passion/career?

“You just go with the flow and don’t stress. Follow your dreams and don’t be afraid if your dreams change along the way.”

Did you always know that this is what you wanted to do?

“With both performing and photography, yes. I’m doing exactly what I’ve always wanted! #BLESSED”

To learn more about Charles Henry, you can visit his website at


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