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25 Feb, 2019   |   

Meet The Cast Monday: Justice from

Meet Justice, One of Our Amazing Cast Members of Up with People!

We had a chance to sit down with Justice to learn more about his experience on tour. Here’s what Justice had to say.

What is a language you wish you were fluent in?

“Spanish, because I feel like it’s really handy since it’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Especially here in the U.S with a greater influence of the Spanish language and culture, so I feel like I’d be able to communicate more efficiently and with more people.”

What did it feel like to arrive on the first day?

“I was really sad leaving my family, but as I arrived to Denver I realized that I got a sense of peace. This is something I have been waiting to do for the past two years and the fact that the day had finally arrived was amazing.

I was the last person to arrive right after the shuttle had just left. I was just hanging out with Rilee and Pauline and we turned out to be the last group to show up. We arrived, they handed me a hot dog, and sent me on my way with my host family. I didn’t have the chance of introducing myself to anyone other than my roommate. It was quite the crazy day, but I would love to do it all over again.”

What was your favorite moment you’ve experienced so far?

“I’ve loved getting my internship with the admissions team. Through my internship, I’ve learned so much already. I’ve learned how to be more confident in myself and how to present myself in front of a large group of people. Not only can I be better myself, but I can also help others realize they have worth by letting them know that they have the talent to travel. I love working with the assistants and giving them the motivation to step out of their comfort zone and mingle with people, which is so rewarding to me.”

What does it mean to you to be apart of this international cast?

“It’s just a huge step for me to be apart of such a huge group and bring my own culture and my own perspective to the table. I feel so important and also feel so loved because we really are just one big family. We spend everyday together and I get in arguments sometimes, but at the end of the day, I know that I can trust them and we’re all here for each other.”

If you could trade lives with a cast member, who would it be?

“I would say LaRyssa because she is such a confident person and I love the way she presents herself. I feel like having that perspective in my life could make me a better person when I return home.”

What is your favorite song to perform?

“I love performing Does It Really Matter. I’m not normally on stage for it, which makes me really sad, but when we have school shows I get the chance to do it. I love the message behind it and I get emotional every single time on stage when I’m performing it just because it’s such a powerful song and I want to portray that message as well as I can.”

How do you or how will you keep hope alive?

“After Up with People, I’m not just going to quit growing as a person. I’m going to keep pushing myself. I’m going to challenge my community.”


“It’s an unfinished world
And it’s still in the making.
It’ll take all we can give
‘cause together we all live
In an unfinished world.

Unfinished World © Up with People


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