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16 Dec, 2019   |   

Meet the Cast Monday: Daisy from Australia

This week, meet first semester cast member Daisy from Melbourne, Australia!

Interests & Passions: Musical theatre, acting, and volunteering

How is music important in your life?

“Music has given me a platform to express myself in different and exciting ways. Singing has always been a big part of my life. Whether it be in the shower, walking to work, or onstage, it gives me joy! What I love about an Up with People show is that we are not just performing to please, we are performing to create conversations and empower people to stand up for whatever they may believe in.”

Why did you decide to travel in Up with People? 

“My mum was an alumna (cast A83) so I grew up hearing about the program. Up with People sounded great, but it wasn’t something I initially saw as being a part of my future. This changed when I went to mum’s reunion last year in Tucson, Arizona. I was finally able to put faces to the names I had heard about growing up and had a wonderful time hearing the stories of their travels and where they are now. After spending a few days with them, they convinced me to interview. I’m very glad they did!”

What was your Admissions Recruitment Internship like?

“My internship experience was very unique because rather than doing one 5-week internship in admissions, I was able to apply for an Admissions Recruitment Internship. This opportunity allowed me to leave the cast and spend 3 weeks in Belgium. Accompanied by one other cast member and two staff members, I travelled throughout Belgium and the Netherlands hosting workshops and information booths in numerous schools and universities. This opportunity allowed me to apply the skills I learned in my first internship in a more challenging and independent setting. Not only did my ARI allow me to grow professionally, but also personally! I have made several lifelong friends from this experience.”

How was your time in Italy?

“Italy was a jam-packed experience! I have had two wonderful host families who I will stay connected with for a very long time. I have had several chances to connect with local youth and talk about their passions which is one of my favorite things about Up with People!”

What were you most nervous about at the beginning of the semester?

“I was most nervous about whether I would find people I truly connect with. As the first few weeks of the program continued, I realized that I had nothing to worry about. It’s just like starting at a new school.
You feel a little nervous and on guard, but you soon find likeminded people. And I did!”

What were you most excited about at the beginning of the semester?

“I was super excited to create connections with people from all around the world!”

What was it like staying with a host family for the first time?

“I was lucky enough to stay with an alumni family who travelled in my mum’s cast so I felt right at home! I loved getting to create myself a family away from home and I look forward to seeing them again next time I come to Denver!”

Up with People cast members in Canada


Why do you think a program like Up with People is important?

Up with People’s mission statement speaks about empowering young people to become positive agents of change in hope for a safer and more peaceful world. I feel that this is so important for the world we currently live in. This program not only gives participants the opportunity to grow in leadership, but helps empower the youth that we interact with every week.”

What place do you want to travel to most and why?

“I have always wanted to travel to India. The culture is so different and fascinating to me! It has both the hustle and bustle of the city as well as beautiful mountains, incredible food, and fabulous markets. I would love to learn more about their different traditions and celebrations too!”

What do you want people to know about you and your home town in Australia?

“Australia is pretty much universally known for its stunning wildlife and nature. What some people may not is that Australia is currently suffering from some of the worst bush fires on record. These fires have destroyed over 47,400 hectares of land in New South Whales and Queensland. There have been hundreds of homes lost in these fires. We have also lost vast bush land and wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos, farm animals. With fires still burning and Christmas approaching, there are many Australians that have nothing. I would like to encourage all that read this to please raise awareness or donate to support the Australians affected or help support our wildlife hospitals as they attempt to save our animals. You can do this be supporting the Australian Salvation Army, NSW Rural Fire Service or Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

“For the dreamers and the make-believers,
The festive and the sad,
For the mad and the ugly,
The sane and beautiful,
Save the dancer, save the dancer in us all.

Save The Dancer © Up with People

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