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31 May, 2018   |   

10 Easy Travel Hacks To Make You A Better Traveler

While travel is one of our favorite things we recognize that sometimes trips could go just a little more smoothly. These simple travel hacks can save you time, money, and at times your sense of sanity. So before heading out on your next great adventure be sure to use a few of these pro travel hacks!

Use a Sunglasses Case For Power Cords

The more helpful electronic devices we pack the more of a pain tangled power cords can be. There is a very simple solution! Pack an extra sunglasses case to store those power cords. This offers a lightweight and efficient way to keep your power cords from somehow getting buried and tied together at the bottom of your carry-on.

Browse Flights and Hotels In “Incognito Mode” or “Private Browsing” To Save Money

If you’re like most people when you set out to buy a flight or book a hotel you browse prices, then check a couple other sites, and then possibly go back to the booking sites multiple times. This can cost you big time because those sites plant cookies on your computer and then based on the places you are searching for flights or a room, start to incrementally raise the prices on the very thing you want to book. All while the rest of the world is seeing a cheaper price for the same room or flight! Chances are that if you have already searched a flight once and don’t book, the next time you search that flight you will be shown a more expensive price. Simply browsing in private mode will allow you to save money.

Stop Folding Your Clothes

It’s time to stop the madness. If you are having trouble packing and fitting all of your clothes in that stuffed-to-the-brim suitcase it’s because you are a folder. Rolling your clothes is a much better option and has been proven to more efficiently fill the space in your luggage. Try rolling your clothes next time you pack.

Email A Photo Of Your Passport To Yourself And Family Member

We tell our new program participants that despite your best efforts, you may lose your passport. No one wants the hassle of getting a replacement especially without the proper documentation or proof that can speed up the process of getting a new one. When headed overseas be sure to take a photo of your passport and email that photo to yourself and a family member. You’ll thank yourself later in case it goes missing.

Bring An Empty Water Bottle

Everyone knows that the prices for food and water at airports is higher than almost everywhere else. So why keep paying big money for bottles of water? On a typical international trip you could save a lot of money by simply packing an empty water bottle to fill at airports for free. This also has the added benefit of helping the environment.

Use Shower Caps On Your Shoes

Most people walk a lot while exploring a city and this means the bottom of your shoes have slopped through some very dirty things. Then without a thought most of us place those dirty shoes right back into our luggage. Yuck! Luckily there is a simple solution. Simply wrap the bottom of your shoes in a shower cap to keep the germs on the bottom of your shoes and not all over your clothes. Many hotels provide shower caps for free.

Fight Jet Lag With Exercise

There are many ways to fight jet lag (see post – Tested Traveler Tips On Avoiding Jet Lag) but one of the best is exercise. It is one of the only scientifically proven ways to get over that sluggish feeling that comes from international travel. Hit the hotel gym or go for a jog and you will feel better in no time.

Hide Money In An Empty Lip Balm Tube

If someone wants to lift a little cash from your purse or bag where is the last place they would look? Your lip balm tube! This takes a wider lip balm tube of course but this hack offers a failsafe way to keep your money hidden from a would-be thief.

Pack A Dryer Sheet

We all pack dirty clothes when headed home or between stops on a multi-country trip. Those clothes can get pretty stinky which then make clean clothes smell too. Putting a new dryer sheet in your luggage can keep everything smelling like fresh air!

Download A Google Map Of Your Destination

You won’t always have access to Wi-Fi while traveling so make sure to download a digital version of your destination before you leave. When you download a Google Map to your device it allows you to access that map without Wi-Fi. This can also save you big on international roaming charges.


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