Everybody Needs Everybody

We all depend on someone,
Someone else depends on you.
Ev’rybody needs ev’rybody giving.
I need you to need me, you do too.

A mirror needs reflection,
A light needs night to...

Don’t Keep It To Yourself

Hey everybody, glad to see you here tonight!
Sit back and relax, we hope you’re feeling alright.
If you want to clap your hands or sing along instead.
Don’t hold back, go, go right...

Where The Roads Come Together

None of us is born the same
We don’t know why; it’s the way we came.
Every heart beats a little differently
Each soul is free to find its way
Like a river that winds its way to the...

What Color Is God’s Skin?

“Good-night” I said to my little son
So tired out when the day was done.
Then he said as I tucked him in
“Tell me Daddy what color’s God’s skin?”

What color is God’s skin?

Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d...

The Further We Reach Out

I had a thought while they walked in the moondust
In one moment I saw,
Like warm air rising or apples falling,
Must be a natural law

The further we reach out, the closer we become...

Shine On, Shine Man

See a man standin’ there with a smile and a rag and he’s waitin’ just for you.
Ev’rybody comes from miles around just to see what he can do.
He sets you down, puts your foot up, pops a...