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7 Jun, 2024   |    Up with people

VOICES India Tour Third Stop – Dehradun

India is calling, so fasten your seat belts! Prepare for an exciting adventure with another one of our week-by-week blog series posts.
Dates: October 16-October 30, 2024

Partner(s): Graphic Era University (GEU)

It is time to explore the hills of India . . .

The VOICES Cast will travel to stay and experience the magnificently vibrant cultures that lie deep within the hills of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

During the weeks of October 16-30, Cast members will get to integrate with students of the1 Graphic Era University (GEU), thus co-learning with university students and combining knowledge from the Up with People curriculum and GEU sessions. Cast members and university students will work together to share different ideas, traditions, and knowledge.

The focus for these two weeks will on immersive service work within the surrounding villages and with local non-profits concerning topical issues such as: disabilities, youth empowerment, and environmental awareness. Cast will also explore these issues through local arts and crafts community projects.

Cast members will work on social impact projects with Raphael, a charitable non-profit organization that focuses on providing care and support for disabilities and special needs; Purkul Youth Development Society, which provides healthcare, nutrition, and educational benefits to underprivileged youth living in remote villages outside Dehradun; School for Visually Impaired Students; and environmental services at Rishikesh riverside.

Cast members will also travel to Chaurasi Kutiya Ashram, also known as the Beatles Ashram, where the band famously studied meditation and spirituality which resulted in their release of “The White Album.” The ashram is known both for its notable visitors and as a training grounds for transcendental meditation.

Similar to previous university stops, the GEU students will be offered the chance to audition for the UWP Global Citizens Show on October 26 for all partners and the local community in Dehradun.

What are you waiting for? Do not miss out on this groundbreaking Up with People odyssey!

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