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6 Jun, 2024   |    Up with people

VOICES India Tour First Stop – Sonipat

Namaste! Up with People is heading to India for the very first time!
Dates: September 15-September 30, 2024

Partner(s): World University of Design (WUD)

Our first stop? Sonipat, Haryana!

Our adventure kicks off in the vibrant city of Sonipat, Haryana from September 15-30, 2024. This period will be the orientation phase of the program, where the Cast will be staging for two weeks.

Our first partner is World University of Design (WUD), an A+ internationally ranked institution. The orientation will introduce Cast participants to the program and our partner, familiarize participants with one another, focus on building relationships within the cast, and interact with local university students.

Cast members will experience carefully constructed cultural experiences, such as community walks, exposure to local music, art, and theater, workshops with local artists/artisans, faculty, and guest speakers. Thus, your experience will be a unique blend of travel, art, culture, and academic exposure.

More specifically, VOICES India combines cultural dialogue and journal-based experiential curriculum sessions on global citizenship, cultural competency, leadership and creativity. Cast members will be encouraged to grow their confidence through cultural immersion and self-reflection based on personal growth and social change.

Next, the Cast members will engage in the first community service project at village Aurangabad. You will get the amazing opportunity to learn skills including teamwork, compassion, problem solving, communication, empathy, ethics, and confidence. Plus, you will gain the experience of cultural immersion and exchange.

During these first weeks, you will also begin to design and practice for UWP Global Citizen Show, a performance at the end of the tour celebrating the cultural, social, and community immersion experiences.

Cast members can expect meaningful interactions within the Cast and with the students of the university, as well as with the village youth, who will be encouraged to be fully immersed with the program so that they too gain from the cultural exchange and international experience within their university.

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