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29 Mar, 2018   |   

On the Road: Improving Acceptance and Understanding of All People in Monterrey, Mexico [VIDEO]

As Up with People’s cast finishes the Mexico portion of our world tour, members look back on the difference they made in the lives of the Mexican people. From raising thousands of dollars to help earthquake relief in Naucalpan to raising awareness about challenges for people with disabilities at Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro, our cast learned the importance of empathizing and helping people from all walks of life.

In Monterrey, the cast’s last stop in Mexico before traveling to Germany, members helped rehabilitate a community center in a low-income neighborhood, participated in a culture fair at a local kindergarten, and painted murals at an area middle school, which you can see in the video below.

This year’s Mexico tour is one the cast will remember for a lifetime, and their contributions over the four-week trip made a lasting impact on the community members they met along the way.

Our cast had the awesome opportunity to visit Unidos, an organization that teaches individuals how to be sensitive and empathetic to those with disabilities as a way to better the connection between these two groups of people. Cast members even learned techniques to help improve their interaction skills with this population, which is something they will use throughout their tour.

The cast took what they learned at Unidos and shared it with students at local schools. Their message encouraged students to reach out and interact with people who are different from them, something the cast does each and every day.

Just one week before their visit to Monterrey, the cast interacted with people who live with physical and mental limitations at Universidad Anáhuac in Querétaro, Mexico. These students have a challenge getting to and from class each day because there is only one elevator and an inadequate ramp system. To fully understand the difficulty these students face, cast members carried one another up a flight of stairs in a wheelchair to raise awareness of the challenges people with disabilities have at the university. This type of experiential learning in the global classroom is what Up with People is all about.

This idea of sensitivity and empathy also played a role in the cast’s trip to Naucalpan, Mexico, where members spent their first two weeks of the Mexico portion of their trip. There, members saw firsthand the devastation left behind by the September earthquake. What a difficult and yet optimal time to help this population. Together, they packed boxes with food, clothing, and hygiene products with the Mexican Red Cross for earthquake victims in Morelos.

Mexico definitely impacted our cast members’ outlook on the world — its struggles, its differences and its similarities. We hope their efforts to learn and understand about different cultures and help where most needed carries into the Germany portion of the tour throughout November.

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