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29 Mar, 2018   |   

On the Road: The Cast Visits Camp Horizons in Virginia, USA [VIDEO]

Music is a universal language and our cast witnessed that first hand while in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA during Cast B 2017’s World Tour.

On top of their weekly performance, they also did an acoustic promo at the Explore More Discovery Museum, a nonprofit interactive children’s museum. The museum hosted an international party to welcome all the refugees of Harrisonburg into their community.


The music continued bringing smiles to faces at Bridgewater Retirement Community, where Cast B 2017 enjoyed a drum session with the remarkable residents of the community.

“Basically, one of their goals there is to make the residents feel connected to the community,” said Micah Super, of Virginia, USA.

Cast members socialized with residents, learning more about one another’s stories, which not only impacted the residents but the cast members as well. They’re moments that will turn into memories our cast will have for a lifetime.


They also had the opportunity to visit Camp Horizons in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Camp Horizons aims to create a safe, supportive community where campers feel comfortable trying new things, experiencing new adventures and creating lasting friendships. The same can be said for Cast B 2017’s World Tour.  

In addition to their regular camp programming, Camp Horizons hosts Camp Up with People, a three week camping experience for youth ages 13-17 that brings together young people from all over the world. Similar to an UWP tour, the camp also works to make an impact through service and song.  

Cast members thought it was fun and meaningful to visit a camp whose mission – to encourage youth to be creative and independent, develop strong teamwork skills and to have fun – so closely relates to Up with People’s. It was a unique way for the cast and campers to learn more about each other and the world around them.

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