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29 Mar, 2018   |   

Partnership with Purpose: Kiwanis International and Up with People

Making the world a better place through empowering youth to become future leaders is at the core of what both Kiwanis International and Up with People do. So it’s a no-brainer that our organizations would form a close partnership.  

The idea for a collaboration was planted in 2011 when we visited Lakeland, Florida, USA and a local Kiwanis Club President turned Florida Kiwanis District Governor noticed commonalities between our organizations. We finalized the partnership in 2014 and have been intertwined ever since!


Everywhere our casts travel, the Kiwanis logo follows. You will see their brand displayed on our website, in our brochures, and in our performance programs and flyers as our promotional partner.

But the partnership goes well beyond just the exchange of logos.

“Through collaborative efforts, many clubs have engaged with cast members, staff, and Up with People alumni, showcasing the talents and service activities in local communities around the globe,” says Pam Norman, Director of Corporate Relations at Kiwanis International and a member of the Kiwanis Club of Zionsville, Indiana. “Our clubs and members have a menu of opportunities to engage with Up with People. From full cast sponsorship to shared service activities, from hosting cast members to participating as a cast member, the options are plentiful.”

Up with People also volunteers with, promotes and speaks with their clubs – Kiwanis (adult clubs), Circle K(college), Key Club (high school), Aktion Club, K-Kids (elementary school) and Builders Club (middle school).


Over the three years of our partnership, we have worked with Kiwanis Clubs from California to Bermuda, and continue expanding our reach to Europe and Asia.

“Partnering with the Up with People organization has multiplied our clubs’ local community impact,” says Pam Norman, Director of Corporate Relations for Kiwanis. “When a cast of 100 plus arrives in a community ready to provide service alongside Kiwanis members, these hands-on projects provide greater impact and sustainability.”

Since 2015, ten Key Club members have joined Up with People touring casts and $3,000 in grants are available to Key Club and CKI members who learn about Up with People at their District and International events.

In Kiwanis sponsored cities, together, we have volunteered 9,513 hours of service, impacted 33,578 local youth, inspired 17,750 audience members by our performances, affected 88 organizations through our service, engaged 376 host families, and formed one new satellite Kiwanis Club.

“We look forward to continuing this partnership rooted in shared values and aligned missions,” says Pam.

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