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18 Aug, 2020   |   

A message from Up with People during these difficult times

Up with People extends its heart and condolences to the Floyd family, the City of Minneapolis, and all people throughout the world who are suffering due to the events of the past week. In previous times, this organization has chosen not to comment on current affairs – particularly highly charged or divisive issues. That season has passed. Today, we state without reservation our opposition to racism in all its forms; particularly those embedded in the very systems that our societies rely on for people to function and flourish because they serve to protect the advantage of some while maintaining the oppression of others. We do not condone violence – we call for peace and civility in all communities. At the same time, we understand that those on the outside of systems that undeniably perpetuate privilege based on race cannot be asked to wait – yet again. We hear their voices, and their cries are not new. Up with People believes that our humanity demands that we stand tall in the face of injustice and work towards equity for all.

One Reply to “A message from Up with People during these difficult times”

  1. I first saw Up with People in elementary school at about 9 years old. I remember being inspired and hopeful. Over 20 years later, with violence in the streets and fear everywhere, I remember Up With People. We need peaceful organizations like you now more than ever!

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