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25 Feb, 2019   |   

Meet The Cast Monday: Tylene From Montana

Meet Tylene, a Study Abroad Participant in Up with People from Montana!

Starting Her Education Traveling Abroad


I knew I wanted to come back for a second semester from the moment I got to Denver and we started our first day. I wanted to be here, but I also wanted to have a different experience than the first time. I decided to join the study abroad program. I wasn’t apart of it in my first semester and I really wish I was. I felt like I missed out on a perfect opportunity to start my education and have a different experience through my last semester on tour in Up with People. What I would like to get out of this semester is just that: to start my education and have a different travel experience this semester as a participant. I am excited to continue this year to see a whole new cast go through the roller coaster of this Up with People adventure, and how we will all mesh together as a team through it all.”


“Some people may look at you like you’re
Some kind of dreamer,
But believe you’ve got to have a dream
Before you can have a dream come true.”

Do It Up! © Up with People

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