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10 Jan, 2020   |   

Four Benefits of Performing Arts

performing arts dancer on stage in up with peopleThe performing arts have always been a topic of discussion when it comes to their correlation within the education system. The benefits, however, go beyond playing a challenging role on stage or having fun with friends. Performing arts develop a person’s life skills on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Here are four skills you can develop through the power of performing arts.

  1. You’ll build creative self-expression

Every person is unique. We are individuals with a story to tell and everyone needs to be able to express that. Performing arts provides a creative approach to do exactly that. These soft skills you will build through performance will follow you throughout your life as you move on into higher education and in your career.

  1. Confidence

Whether it is through improvisation or stepping outside of your comfort zone by being on stage, performance helps build self-confidence by putting yourself into new situations you may not have otherwise had to navigate. You will think outside of the box while facing your fears of public speaking or receiving constructive feedback. You will also  build confidence through positive reinforcement of an audience after a performance.

  1. drummer on stage up with peopleQuick-Thinking Skills

Thinking on your feet is an incredibly helpful skill in life that can be developed through performing arts. You may find yourself having to answer problems or build upon new scenarios you may not have seen coming. In the theatre or any other type of performing arts, things can go wrong and you’ll want to make sure you can be prepared for any type of difficulty that may come your way.

  1. Collaboration

While performing arts can be a one-person show, the reality is that most often it isn’t. You still have someone that will need to run the technical side of things while you perform on stage. If you are performing alongside someone on stage, you will have to learn how to work with many different types of people. While performing abroad in Up with People, you will be on stage with more than 100 different individuals from all around the world. You will quickly learn what it means to collaborate.

“When you call I’ll be there
You don’t have to stand alone
Voices of the world
We can do much more
Come together and rise up”

Rise Up! © Up with People

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