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1 Mar, 2018   |   

How To Become An International Rock Star

Music can be a powerful vehicle for change. It inspires both the people who listen to the lyrics and the musicians who deliver the performance. With the rise of popular TV shows like The VoiceAmerican Idoland even YouTube channels it seems everyone wants to become an international rock star. The world is full of talented artists but the truth is that the odds of making a living as a world traveling musician are about .0000001%. If you are incredibly talented, charismatic, driven and happen upon a bit of luck your odds increase to .0000002%. But this doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream of international rock star fame…

What Is An International Rock Star?

A performer who gets the opportunity to travel the world, sing, dance, meet with world leaders, and inspires thousands of adoring fans is to us, an international rock star. Let’s first take a look at the traditional route, before diving into a way to achieve rock star status this year
Learn How To Play An Instrument – This instrument could be guitar, drums or even your voice. You can’t be an international rock star if you have no ability to perform so start today.
Make Sure You Love Music Not Just The Idea Of Fame – Of those who make it as famous musicians, most have a deep love of music. Authenticity is what lasts so be sure you don’t just love the idea of becoming famous. 
Practice, Practice, Practice – This can take years and countless hours. If you want to become any kind of artist you’d better hone your craft.
Share Your Music – Get on stage and share your music with friends. The more you get over stage fright the more likely people are to gravitate to you and listen to what you have to sing. Book as many gigs as you can. Nobody can discover your music if you only play for yourself.
Upload To YouTube – The modern day launching pad to so many musical careers, YouTube has become an essential tool for aspiring musicians. Upload high quality recordings of your music.
Never Give Up – Aspiring musicians must come to terms with the fact that they may never perform for millions of people. But that can’t stop them. Even if that never happens, the music is enough, and that inspires them to never stop.
How To Become An International Rock Star As Soon As This Year…
Since 1965 Up with People has been sending young musicians to perform all over the world and inspire others. Even people who have never performed have the chance to become international rock stars even if just for a year. Over 22,000+ alumni have performed for thousands of people including dignitaries and celebrities all over the world. Our rock star cast members have even performed at multiple Super Bowl halftime shows!
The tradition continues. In fact right now as we speak, the newest cast of Up with People participants, is getting ready to head out on tour and become the international rock stars they may have never known they could be. A common misconception about Up with People (and becoming one of our international rock stars) is that you have to be a musician. While we do attract some incredible talent, we also have participants who have never before stepped out on a stage. We believe this adds to the passion and incredibly unique experience that is an Up with People show.
The music they will perform reflects the mission of Up with People which is more necessary today than it has ever been. The combination of recent world developments, the rising tide of optimism in the youth of today, and the necessity to activate hope led to the theme for Up with People Live On Tour 2018: keep hope alive. A brand new show that will be performed over the next year for thousands of people worldwide.
How did these young people become international rock stars? They decided to travel the world with usand other young people representing 15+ countries from around the globe.
Want to see a show? The world premiere of Up with People Live On Tour 2018 has already sold out! See world tour stops and dates here.

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  1. I will become a rock star. I love rock music. Dont listen to what they say, rock will never die!

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