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Programs Committee

Programs Committee

This committee shall be responsible for creating and producing education, entertainment and professional development programming for alumni. Will work closely with Alumni Engagement, Communications, Alumni Community, Professional Development, Travel, and Events.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Create, develop and produce diverse programs around the UWPIAA three priorities of focus:
    1. Critical Conversations, which are conducted in a Zoom webinar format
    2. alumTalk program, with pre-recorded sessions and webinar-style discussions
    3. Expression Session, which is like a talent show conducted virtually.
  2. Create live in-person programs as part of Alumni Week and the European Alumni Meeting.
  3. Ensure that all concepts are inclusive and easily understood by all alumni from any era and particularly those whose first language is not English.


  1. Measure and test program concepts – existing and new, once the top priorities are sustainable—such as the ‘Bus Date’ and ‘Open Suitcase’ vlog series in collaboration with the Travel Committee.
  2. Intermittently survey alumni and evaluate feedback and recommendations
  3. Produce a training handbook with technical and procedures for all programs for committee and future volunteers
  4. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Work Partners

Alumni Community
Alumni Engagement
External Relations
Internal Development
Professional Development

The Programs Chair is responsible for recruiting committee members and ensuring the above duties and responsibilities are planned and implemented to support the entire organization.

Desired Skills and Competencies for the Committee Chair

  • Foster a community of inclusion among the alumni, ensuring diversity and equity in all programs
  • Some technical or audio-visual production experience
  • Knowledge of Zoom or similar online meeting technologies
  • Strong verbal and communications skills
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Excellent personal engagement skills across cultures and generations
  • Able to manage a multicultural team and motivate a team which works remotely
  • Self-motivated and positive
  • Willing to work across teams and committees to accomplish tasks and meet goals

Beneficial Skills and Experience for the Committee Chair

  • Video editing experience
  • Working knowledge of more than one language