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14 Jun, 2024   |    Up with people

VOICES India Tour Fourth Stop – New Delhi

Prepare for an extraordinary time at the capital city of India: the next chapter on our fourth destination has arrived!
Dates: October 31-November 4, 2024

Partner(s): Delhi Learning Lab (DLL) – Restless Development India, Youth Resource Centre – United Way Delhi (UWD)

Just in time for India’s Diwali celebration,“The Festival of Lights,” your UWP Cast get to spread their light within the vibrant and bustling city of New Delhi!

Did you know that the term “Diwali” refers to a row or a series of lights in Sanskrit. Thus, Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, during which people will light their homes with candles, oil lamps (called ‘diyas’), and lanterns.
Usually falling between October and November months, this five-day autumnal festival symbolizes the triumph of light over dark as well as good over evil. In addition to lighted decorations, people celebrating will also light dazzling firecrackers into the night sky!

Staying in the heart of the city, Cast members will get to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, sharing in the cultural richness on the streets during Diwali, and opportunities for interaction and collaboration with empowered youth of Delhi Learning Lab and Youth Resource Centre. Along with these vibrant cultural exchanges, the Cast will participate in workshops that foster creativity, leadership, and community involvement. The atmosphere will be pulsating with the festive spirit, as streets come alive with lights, music, and the aroma of delicious street food.

By day, cast members will engage in meaningful projects designed to make a positive impact, such as sustainability initiatives and educational outreach. By night, they will join locals in celebrating the Festival of Lights, creating memories with new friends, and experiencing the warmth and hospitality of our Delhi partnerships.

As lamps light up homes and streets, the Cast will also be volunteering at an orphanage and making a difference by bringing smiles, love, and joy to these deserving children, and sharing the spirit of the festivities to uplift lives and spread good cheer.

Finally, the Cast will visit Dilli Haat, where the magical world of Indian art and heritage is presented through a fascinating panorama of craft, cuisine, and cultural activities!

This immersive journey will not only enhance Cast members’ understanding of Indian traditions but also inspire them to carry forward the values of unity, resilience, and cultural appreciation long after they return home.

You do not want to miss this thrilling exploration of India’s beauteous regions and cultures! Apply now!

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