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14 Jun, 2024   |    Up with people

VOICES by India Tour Fifth Stop – Dharampur

Our journey through India continues! Read on to catch an exciting glimpse of our next destination through this installment of our blog series!
Dates: November 5-November 14, 2024

Partner(s): Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur (SRMD), Rubix Foundation

The Cast heads West . . .

. . . from the Hills to the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur, nestled on a quiet hillock on the outskirts of the town of Dharampur in Southern Gujarat.

The serene setting of the mission, surrounded by lush greenery and the distant hum of nature, provides a perfect retreat for those seeking spiritual solace and personal transformation. Visitors often speak of the profound peace felt upon entering the ashram, where the teachings of Shrimad Rajchandra resonate through the tranquil atmosphere.

Along with student volunteers, the Cast will follow a routine focused on deep reflections, learning about local culture, food, art, crafts, music, and heritage. They will engage in meaningful dialogues with community members, gaining insights into their daily lives and traditions.
Through these immersive experiences, participants will not only grow individually but also contribute to the preservation and celebration of the local heritage, leaving a positive impact on the community.

Cast members will also get to do some volunteering and hands-on service within the Warli Tribe settlements. Warli are an indigenous tribe in western India. The Warli have their own set of beliefs, ways of life, customs, traditions, and artwork. Not only will Cast members get to learn and experience the uniqueness and beauty of the Warli culture, but they will also get to experience real-world connections and get to serve a rural community.

Cast members will also visit the Shrimad Rajchandra Centre for Women Excellence, a facility focused on uplifting tribal women from rural areas within southern Gujarat. These women are provided with support regarding employment and holistic development. Cast members will learn about women’s empowerment within the intersections of tribal and cultural identity. This experience will demonstrate to Cast members how organizations can enable and enhance their communities through sisterhood, education, and empowerment.

Following these cultural experiences, there will be guided dialogue and discussions. Students will collaborate with the UWP curriculum to enhance their Capstone projects. SRMD student volunteers will join the UWP Global Citizens Show, incorporating local artists and music into the November 10 performance for partners and the community.

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