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20 Feb, 2024   |    Up with People

Community Service: Why Give Back?

In every generation, there are a select few who see the world through a different set of eyes. These young folks are determined to not take their time and youth for granted. These types of youth want to experience the world outside of their bubble and to live life in each moment; seizing the precious time that they have been given.

Perhaps you feel that this description resonates within you. Maybe you have just finished, or will finish high school soon; or maybe, you’ve even graduated college. So, in theory, you should have it all figured out. . . right?

Okay, so maybe you’re exploring your options, and your searching has led you here. And maybe, if the stars are aligned, you’ve come to the right place! See, while there’s an immense world of knowledge that can be found in the classroom and in books, as you certainly know, sometimes we just need to simply get out and see the world. But you need guidance, mentorship, and a chance to learn and grow. One of the ways to accomplish these things is through community service.
Community service is broadly considered volunteer work that serves the betterment of society. For many individuals, community service is a crucial part of being a good citizen. When you reflect on the ways that you have helped other communities, you can use that learning and apply it to improving the lives of your community.

Another benefit of community service that you may not readily expect: networking and career advantages. Not only do institutions and company leaders look positively on community service
experience, some companies or corporations maintain volunteer opportunities that will allow you to establish good rapport with professionals or mentors in the fields you’re interested in.

You may even find that your community service provides you with real-world skills and knowledge that you can apply to your advantage. These opportunities could arise within a field of work, where your knowledge and skills are applicable.

Community service can also provide you with social interaction and help you broaden your own perspective. You get to meet people from all walks of life, and such experiences teach you to evaluate your opinions of individuals who live differently than you do. Young folks very often report feeling a sense of growth and more well-rounded after their community service experience.

Community service also provides youth with awareness and respect for cultural diversity. Knowledge and appreciation for cultural diversity is important for evaluating and getting rid of harmful stereotypes that permeate society. Interaction with diverse communities allows relationships and understanding to blossom and thrive.
By helping others from different backgrounds, you gain a more global perspective. Community service teaches us and helps us understand individuals and their needs, despite any harmful opinions we or others may have held about people’s choices. When you understand others, you can understand how to help and make change in the world.

So, are you ready to join the others who are just like you, in helping to make the world a better place?

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