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8 Mar, 2018   |   

53 Ways to Impact Your Community Every Day

For 53 years Up with People has been reaching communities and people across the globe through our music, our message and our service. Cast A 2018 just hit the road this week, and as they begin their journey we wanted to offer up ways each of us can have a positive impact in our own communities. Not only do we serve our mission through the activities of our international touring casts, but many of Up with People’s 22,000+ alumni continue to make a positive difference in the world long after their tour has ended. We know one thing for sure, the more each of us acts as global citizens and become positive agents of change, the better off we all are. 

53 Ways To Impact Your Community

1.) Make It A Habit To Respect All People – This includes while driving, walking, interacting with people in line. Small ripples of respect can make a big difference in your community.
2.) Dedicate a Complete Day to Help Out a Friend in His/Her Aspirations and Goals – We all have talents and dreams. Why not help those you care about reach their full potential?
3.) Make It A Habit To Perform Random Acts of Kindness – Ideas include: wheel out a neighbor’s trash bin, shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk after a snowstorm, pick up trash in your neighborhood, pay for a stranger’s coffee. For hundreds of ideas check out
4.) Start a Community Garden – Food brings people together and there are few better ways to foster that community than by growing it together.
5.) Be Kind – This is needed today more than ever. Kindness surprises people and is infectious.
6.) Foster engaged communities – At Up with People we collaborate with each community we visit, work together to address local issues and form community connections that enhance compassion and trust. You can do the same.
7.) Run/Walk a 5K for a cause – Not only does this support a cause you care about but it also allows you to meet like minded people in your city.
8.) Be The Person Who Welcomes New Neighbors To The Community – Peering out your window wondering who this new person is that is moving in next door? Go say hi!
9.) Volunteer At Least Once A Month – If you pick only one thing from this list, then choose this. Get involved in your community in causes you care about. Don’t know where to begin? Try, or
10.) Empower Youth as Positive Change Agents – We strive to help youth throughout the world become more aware of global and local issues, realize their individual capacity and inspire them to take personal action to make positive change. Foster this in your own community.
11.) Write a Positive Review of a Local Small Business – Few are more connected to and more dependent on the local community that small shops. Make the business owners day by posting something positive.
12.) Ask a Senior About Their Past – They have a lifetime of wisdom to share and time spend with a senior will benefit you just as much as it will benefit them.
13.) Got Some Musical Talent? Teach a Few Kids for Free – Spark creativity and teach skills to kids. They are our future!
14.) Leave Quarters at the Laundromat With a Happy Note – Making someone’s day is never “small change”.
15.) Bake Someone A Cake – When was the last time someone baked for you? Remember how you felt when they did? Spread joy with yummy food.
16.) Plant A Tree – We all breathe the same air so why not help to keep it clean. Plant a tree today.
17.) Babysit to Help Out a Single-parent. – Chances are that parent hasn’t had any free time in a long while. A breather will help them be a better parent which is good for all.
18.) Mentor Someone – Sometimes the only thing a talented, hungry, motivated young person needs is a mentor. Be that person for them.
19.) Share Favorite Recipes With Complete Strangers – This is a great way to get to know those in your area. Don’t forget to follow up to see if they cooked and liked them! 
20.) Leave a Surprise in a Library Book – Imagine the joy someone would feel opening up a library book to find a gift card or a note from a complete stranger.
21.) Attend Community Meetings – Many times we want to change the world on a global scale but forget to start local. Many important issues and solutions are being discussed every day at community meetings all over the world. Be the solution.
22.) Start a Club or Team – Have you ever thought, I wish there was a _________ in this town. Go out and make it happen.
23.) Make Your Voice Heard – You care about your world. Speak up when you see things you would like to change. Keep in mind it’s better to be for something or a solution than against. Take action.
24.) Start With Your Own Family –  Is there a nephew in your life without anyone to take him to (or pay for) his school? Is there an elderly aunt whose car needs an oil change? Compassion isn’t just for strangers.
25.)  Start A Chain Reaction – With many of these ideas you can inspire others to pay it forward. Include this prompt or inspire others to keep the trend going.
26.) Donate Supplies To A Classroom – Kids should have the supplies they need to learn and grow. Sometimes teachers are left to foot the bill. Your donations can go a long way.
27.) Get Off Your Phone And Into Your Community – Take a moment if you spend your time fighting with people on social media. Get off your phone and be the change you want to see.
28.) Get First Aid Certified – Could you help someone in an emergency? Communities need people like you!
29.) Leave A Generous Tip – We realize tipping isn’t common in some countries but in those locations that do tip servers, be generous, especially for excellent service.
30.) Compliment a Parent on How Well-Behaved Their Child Is – This could be the compliment to make a parent’s day.
31.) Adopt an Animal – Skip buying animals from pet shops and visit your local shelter to adopt a furry friend in need of a good home.
32.) Incorporate Kindness Into Your Curriculum –The core of Up with People’s global education program is based on a robust curriculum that not only enriches the tour experience, but brings key lessons to life through exploration, formal study, and action. Kindness is an important lesson for us all. Are you an educator? Don’t forget this basic skill.
33.) Be the Change – Mahatma Gandhi said it best, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
34.) Host Or Join Community Giving – Take a cue from 100 Women Who Care, an international group with more than 500 chapters whose members learn about pressing needs in their area, pool their money, and then vote on a cause to support. 
35.) Sponsor a Local Event or Sports Team – Not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped make something great happen but you will get to meet your neighbors too.
36.) Show Up – Get out of the house and show up. You’d be surprised how much this means to people.
37.) Hand Out Toiletry Items – Fill a new or gently used knapsack with toiletry items and give it to a homeless person, or donate directly to a local shelter.
38.) Help Someone Get Active – We all need to move so offer to walk with a friend or sign up for physical activity together.
39.) Put A Positive Surprise in Someone’s Mailbox – Without trespassing of course, leave a surprise gift or note for a neighbor.
40.) Buy Lemonade From A Stand – Every summer we pass them by but this year stop and enjoy!
41.) Help End Childhood Hunger – In your own backyard kids don’t have enough to eat. Support great initiatives like No Kid Hungry.
42.) Let Someone Cut In Front Of You In Line – This will boggle the person’s mind and fill your heart.
43.) Turn Your Shopping Into Purpose –  It’s hard to believe, but you can actually give back by simply searching the internet. Several search engines donate to causes every time you enter a query or make a purchase. With Amazon Smile for example Amazon will donate a percentage of your shopping purchases to your favorite non-profit, like Up with People!
44.) Shop Local – Skip the large chains and support mom and pop shops near you. This makes your community unique and your purchase goes a long way to keeping your area vibrant.
45.) Celebrate People – Take the time to celebrate the accomplishments of your friends and colleagues.
46.) Recycle – A cleaner environment is good for us all.
47.) Bike To Work – No one wants to breathe exhaust fumes. Biking to work makes your local air that much cleaner.
48.) Start or Join a Meetup Group – Building community is sometimes the seed that grows into something much bigger.
49.) Turn Off Your Engine – According to the Environmental Protection Agency, elevated levels of air pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde have been detected during the afternoon school-pickup rush. Talk to your principal or PTA about reducing idling in your area or simply keep your personal idling to a minimum.
50.) Brighten Up A Dreary Spot – With an investment of less than $20, a few hours of your time—and the green light from local officials—you can transform neglected under-passes and walls with sidewalk chalk.
51.) Talk To A Librarian – Next time you’re checking out books, ask your librarian how you can help. Sometimes a simple conversation reveals a talent or skill that might be a good match for the local community.
52.) Create a Kindness Project – Devise an activity where your family or even a classroom records ONE act of kindness or ONE pleasant activity per day. Use this list as a starting point for ideas!
53.) Vote – No matter where you live or what your political beliefs, show up and vote. Especially in small local elections.
For more on ways Up with People and our alumni are helping communities around the world CLICK HERE.

4 Replies to “53 Ways to Impact Your Community Every Day”

  1. Hey I had depression and just wanted to die but after this popped up on a feed I was looking at I did some stuff and it absolutely made me feel happier

    • Thank you Nathan for sharing your comment with us. And thank you for helping others in your community. Please reach out to your family, friends or a counsellor when feeling depressed. You are not alone. There are also many resources available to you based upon what country you are in. Hopefully some of these can help.

      If you are located in the United States, you can always visit which has a 24/7 phone number and chat available. Here is list of international suicide hotline phone numbers for other countries based upon where you live

      • Absolutely a wonderful article ,,, inspiring to be a better person ,, Thank you so much for reminding me that I have a purpose everyday ,,,

  2. It really helped when you talked about the importance of taking part in our community. Recently, my wife and I started to think about how to help our neighborhood. We think it’d be a good idea to join a community program, and we’re sure your guide will help us too! Thanks for the tips on how to make a positive change in our community.

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