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David Burton


David Burton

“UWP gave ordinary people extraordinary opportunities. It was an experience about connection with people: cast members, host families, communities, and the world. It was a transformational journey.”

Originally from Australia, I joined Up with People as a rookie PR Rep in 1994. Although my plan was to do one year, I ended up staying for seven years. I did a variety of positions and ended up in my final role as the General Manager for Cast A 2000.

I can say that Up with People was the single most important event that shaped my entire life. Personally, my closest friendships were forged there and are still there from that time. Professionally I learnt so many skills from logistics, production, managing people, critical thinking and problem solving.The values of compassion, empathy, curiosity, listening and leading that I learnt in UWP are still the values I hold close to my heart to this day.

After I left UWP I continued my journey in helping people develop skills and experiences to connect with those around them, whether personally or professionally through being a trainer in the corporate world. All the skills and experiences I had learnt in UWP allowed me to engage and deliver to diverse group of people. My UWP experience brought the world closer to me and me closer to the world.