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25 Feb, 2019   |   

Meet the Cast Monday: Andreas from Germany

Meet Up with People Cast Member, Andreas From Germany!

“I found out about Up with People through my mom.
She saw a show in 1992 and always kept it in her mind.
When they went to Hamburg a year ago,
I went to see the show and could imagine myself doing it.”

 What’s something you hope to gain out of this semester?

“I want to work on having a stronger personality because I’ve always wanted to work on that since middle school, but I also try to become a better person through all the things we’re doing. I’m also excited to get to know more people.” 

What’s your favorite part of the show?

“I’m between The Footsteps of a Girl and Keep Hope Alive. I’d say Footsteps of a Girl especially because of the music and woman in the cast look really strong singing about the message. Keep Hope Alive is the finale of the show and it’s cool when everything comes together; it’s a great feeling. Both are truly powerful songs.” 

How will you keep hope alive?

“I think it’s important to never stop believing in hope. We should never stop having hope in people or hope for people. We should never stop until we reach all the goals that we’ve set out for each other to make this world a better place.” 

What did arrival day feel like in comparison to how you feel now?

“I was very uncomfortable. I’m not the who is really open to other people so I was a bit introverted at first. That changed once the people in the cast around me showed me that I can be something different. Everyone would ask who I was and where I was from. Being the only one from Germany, it made me interesting to some of them.”

Is this the first time you’re staying in a host family?

“Yes, it’s my first time to The States too. It’s been a positive and pleasant surprise. I thought we’d be helping them in every aspect of life just to kind of “pay them back” for everything they’re doing for us, but they welcomed us in like their own family and have given us a great time. I really like my first host family a lot. We’ve gotten to have some great conversations and show each other the differences in our cultures. They also see how exhausting our schedule can be and make sure we get the rest we need to stay healthy which is very caring.” 
What’s something you’re looking forward to as we’re about to hit the road?

“There’s a lot, but I really do like traveling by bus. I’m excited to be able to have those moments, even though some people would disagree that spending 11 hours on the bus is fun. I just really  like it because it’s so communicative since it’s a great time to get to know whoever you sit next to. I’m also really excited to see all the cities like Sacramento. I’ve always heard about Vegas and knew I wanted to visit eventually. I’ve never been to Mexico so I’m excited to see their lifestyle.”


“I will be the change I wanna see,
Shout ‘love’ for all to hear.
Yeah, I will open doors, shatter ceilings,
Tear down walls of fear.””

Keep Hope Alive © Up with People

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