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23 Oct, 2019   |   

FAQ – A Gap Semester in Up with People

With the January 2020 tour coming up in just a few short months, we have received many questions from people who want to travel. Thanks to our amazing team of admissions advisors, we have worked together to provide answers and resources for some of our most frequently asked questions by new applicants.

Up with People gap year students travel to ItalyWhat type of volunteer work will we do?

Up with People’s travel program offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities to students who travel from 6 months to a year. From various projects with Habitat for Humanity, senior housing centers, local schools, and other nonprofit organizations, we encourage our students to become active participants in the communities we visit.

Get more details regarding the volunteer aspect of our program here!

What does the tuition money go to?

Your program fee covers many aspects of the UWP experience including, but not limited to:

Tuition and Fees

  • All tours, excursions, special events
  • Program and show support, planning, and organization
  • Up with People proprietary experiential education curriculum and education staff
  • All specialized training and internship programs (e.g. performing arts, technical theatre, marketing and promotion, business management)

Room, Board, and Travel

  • All international airfare once in program
  • All local transportation once in program (bus, train, metro, etc.)
  • All accommodations/housing and meals on tour

To get a  full breakdown of our program fees and how the costs will be allocated, you can visit our Program Fees page. This will provide you with 1st semester, 2nd semester, Study Abroad and Tax Deductible options.

How can I fundraise?

Glad you asked! We provide all of our travelers with a comprehensive fundraising guide that will help you fund your semester abroad. Download your free fundraising guide.

Up with People perform in ItalyHave you ever checked out the Up with People blog? We are constantly providing new resources to our visitors on how to fundraise and travel. Some of our fundraising blog posts include:

You can always subscribe to our blog so you get the latest updates and resources from Up with People.

Will Up with People pay for visa applications?

Up with People admissions counselors are always here to help guide you through the application process and help provide you with all the information you need to secure your appropriate passport and visas. The cost of the visa applications will be the responsibility of the enrolled student to ensure that the process starts early, as it takes several months to complete.

Are there scholarships available?

Whether you are brand new to Up with People, have participated in our other programs (Camp Up with People or Up with People Jr.), we have a wide variety of scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options available to all of our travelers.

Scholarships range from $500 to $5,000 based on various criteria. Learn more about our Scholarships and Grants, as well as our available Dedicated Scholarships.

How do we get college credit through the program?

Up with People participating cast members have the option to enroll in our academic credit program. You may earn up to 12 academic credits each semester of the program through Florida Southern University.

Students who enroll in the academic credit program from the United States may also be able to apply for federal financial aid awards and select scholarships toward the Up with People program fee.

Did you know that study abroad programs can also be tax deductible for students in the United States? Learn more on one of our latest blog posts!

Do I need performing experience?

While we believe in using the power of your voice for good, it doesn’t always mean singing! Performing experience is not required to travel in Up with People. We do encourage that prospective students who would like to apply have some type of interest in the performing arts, whether it is the performing or technical aspect of the program. There are no auditions to apply for the program.

See how the  performing arts are integrated into our unique program.

What are the qualifications to tour with  Up with People? Click here!

Will we stay alone in host families or with other participants?

Staying with a host family allows you to immerse yourself within each of the cultures and communities you visit. During your week-long stay, you’ll usually be paired with one of more of the Up with People cast members, but, occasionally, you may be hosted in a family alone.

Don’t see your question answered here? Contact us by clicking here and we’ll be more than happy to help!


“What I’m feeling now,
I could do something
Really listen,
Open up my heart
All I have to give
I can bring hope and live for others
I’m not afraid to start
I can do something, right now
With what I’m feeling now”

What I’m Feeling Now © Up with People


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