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Cory Candelet


Cory Candelet

“UWP completely altered my life direction in the best way possible, singing and dancing around the world was my goal, but building relationships in the community had the biggest impact on me the most.”

As an 18-year-old, I had never traveled outside of the northeast corner of the USA. I joined Up With People because I wanted to sing and dance around the world. At the time, everything else was secondary. However, I quickly realized that it wasn’t just about the performances. It was about the relationships I formed with people in the communities we visited. UWP completely altered the direction of my life in the best way possible.

Through Up With People, I met so many incredible people who have had a lasting impact on my life. I learned that places become people when you are out in the community creating relationships. Late-night conversations, small conversations after shows, debates over breakfast, or online talks years later – UWP brought so many amazing people into my life that I have and will continue to learn from every day.

I am still performing and spreading Up With People’s core values to all that I come into contact with. Currently, I am touring the US with a new kids’ musical. Getting to meet the kids after the shows and hearing their takeaways and ideas has been such a rewarding experience. I can only hope that I am impacting them in a similar way that Up With People impacted me!