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6 Jun, 2018   |   

WILDCARD WEDNESDAY: Host Family Connections

Karin, from the Netherlands, has been an Up with People (UWP) host family since she was a baby. Her parents have hosted 13 students over the past 36 years. “We learned from them that it is okay to be yourself. They accept you for who you are,” said Karin. “They even helped with English homework.” She loved seeing the UWP show and learning about the cast members’ cultures. She remembers learning about Halloween and baking cookies with her host sisters.

Years later, she wondered about UWP and looked at our website. She was surprised to find that a touring cast would soon be visiting her city. So, for the first time, she became a “host mom” and hosted a Norwegian cast member.

She decided to search for the cast members who had stayed with her family many years ago, and reconnected with six of her host sisters through social media. She was able to meet one host sister recently at an UWP show and said it was “as if we had seen each other yesterday.”

A few weeks ago Karin was able to host Anastasia (’95E) and her daughter 23 years after Anastasia was hosted with her family! She said they were glad to spend the weekend together and make new memories. “It’s the power of Up with People,” she said.

Karin was able to see the UWP show four times over the past year and has encouraged her friends to host. “Those students just give you energy. I still get enthusiastic when I talk about UWP.”

Left to right:  Paula (Karin’s mom and longtime host mom),
Anastasia (’95E), Karin, and Anastasia’s daughter,
Ariel during their recent time together in the Netherlands


In every city Up with People visits, cast members stay with local host families. Are you interested in becoming a host family? Learn more here

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