Become a Host Family

If you already know a cast is coming to your community, sign up to be a host family here.

Host family living is one of the most exciting and rewarding components of the Up with People program. The partnership between local families and Up with People cast members creates a true global community. Together you will learn from and create relationships with people from different cultures and communities across the globe.

Since 1965, more than 800,000 families around the world have welcomed Up with People cast members into their homes. The cultural learning that takes place in a local home setting – discovering new customs, languages, foods, and traditions – is at the heart of the UWP experience for both cast members and host families.

This is cultural immersion at its best. UWP cast members could come from across the globe or the other side of town. Hosts might live in an urban flat, rural farmhouse, thatched hut, or suburban townhouse. No matter what, each host family stay brings the chance to form lifelong international friendships. And the understanding, compassion and awareness of our global interconnectedness help bring the world together in a unique and profound way.

Up with People host families provide:

  • A safe and welcoming environment for UWP students
  • Knowledge about your local culture and community
  • A place to sleep
  • Breakfast and most dinners
  • Local transportation at the beginning and end of each day

Up with People host families receive:

  • A cultural immersion experience as customs and traditions are shared between your cast member and your family
  • Exposure to a global citizen philosophy and mindset
  • The opportunity to serve your community, working side by side with your cast member in volunteer projects
  • New connections that often develop into lifelong friendships
  • Two complimentary Up with People show tickets

Become a host family! Interested in learning more? Just let us know and we’ll keep you in the know! We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and we’ll reach out as soon a cast is scheduled to tour in your area. If you already know a cast is coming to your community, sign up to be a host family here.

“When I responded to a post on Nextdoor about hosting some students in my home, I had no idea that in less than one week my heart would be changed so profoundly and I’d have two young men in my life that I’d simply adore. What you are teaching people – and especially young people – is what this world needs more than anything. I knew I was providing food, a couple of beds, access to a washing machine and a ride. What I had no idea was that I was providing access to my heart in a way I’ve rarely experienced in my life before. Daniel and Shannon are in my heart to stay. So thank you. Thank you for trusting families like me and finding these inspirational young people from all over the world and bringing them into our communities. The passion they bring to the stage is intoxicating. The authenticity and love they brought into my home and my heart was life-changing.”

Kim Lancaster (Erie, CO) Host Family for Cast A’19

“I love how every time we come into a new host family we get to experience a new world. Every host family has its own way of living their lives and every time I leave a host family I feel enriched and sad that the time went by so fast. The most special moments to me are the little ones: conversations, laughing at the dinner table, and the feeling of coming home after a long day, even though I know it’s not my actual home. Some goodbyes are really hard, especially the first one: that one month in Denver was not always easy and sunshine, but my host family was an amazing support for me.​”

Manuela Hirzel (Switzerland)Traveled in Up with People Cast A’17