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6 Dec, 2023   |    Up with People

Wrapped up in Warmth: Colorado Gives Day and Up with People 

As winter’s frost settled upon the world, we found warmth not merely in the glow of hearths but in the collective heartbeat of our Up with People community. Culminating a remarkable 2023 with purpose and compassion, we embarked on a mission that transcended the mere act of providing blankets—it became an endeavor to offer solace and security to those who needed it most: the children in hospitals, shelters, and temporary living facilities. 

This initiative aligned seamlessly with Mayor Mike Johnston’s heartfelt drive to address homelessness, placing high-priority items like blankets in the hands of shelters. More than a charitable act, it was a mission to wrap children facing difficult situations in warmth and security.   

Our community responded with an outpouring of kindness. Devoted alumni joined our Colorado Gives Day action project, donating new fleece blankets—handmade or purchased—to our Denver office. Beyond that, community members set up their own collection boxes, and generous souls contributed funds to help purchase blankets.

The response exceeded our expectations, displaying the kindness and compassion of everyone involved, from the youngest to the oldest. The blankets collected were not just pieces of fabric; they were expressions of love and creativity. Many participants took the time to handcraft blankets with unique and whimsical designs, ensuring that each one carried not just warmth but a smile for the children who would receive them. 


On December 5, the culmination of this collective effort took place. Our team loaded the new fleece blankets and hand-delivered them to Children’s Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Volunteers of America Colorado, and Sacred House Heart of Denver. The air was palpable with the spirit of giving as everyone rejoiced that the day had come to deliver the blankets.

Our alumni, who played a crucial role in this initiative, expressed profound gratitude for being part of a greater cause. The handmade blankets, crafted by their own children and families, became messengers of care and compassion to the younger generations. 

From our Up with People team to our cherished alumni, every participant felt the joy and warmth that comes with caring for others. Our organization, rooted in spreading messages of peace, unity, and equality, witnessed a tangible difference made in the lives of children, mothers, and caretakers—an embodiment of compassion that resonates far beyond the winter season. As we reflect on this heartwarming journey, we are reminded that the smallest acts of kindness can create ripples of warmth that reach the coldest corners of our world.   

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