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2 Apr, 2024   |    Up with People

Transforming Yourself Through Travel: Six MORE Reasons to Go Abroad

Because why not? Here’s six more reasons we think YOU should consider seizing the opportunity to travel internationally with us.

1. Effortless learning

Being young is all about opening your mind and learning new things from your education and experiences. But the learning does not always have to occur within a classroom, or even a workplace! Traveling abroad compels you to lean into new experiences whether it’s making connections with locals or your peers, cooking with your host family, absorbing information about the cultural landscape, or utilizing problem-solving skills.

2. Career opportunities: Hello!

Could the deal possibly get any sweeter? First of all, having an international education program on your curriculum vitae or resume demonstrates that you have a degree of cultural competence, which is looked upon with high regard by hiring professionals. It also can help you build your global network connections, as you may even meet people working in a field or with a company that you are interested in. Plus, when you travel in one of our programs, you will be joining a global community of over 23,000 alumni and counting! Our best advice? Keep an open mind!

3. The Promise of Adventure

Traveling to new destinations ensures that you will have an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be experiencing new friends, new places, new emotions, and more. Not only will you get to experience world-renowned sights, your interactions and hands-on participation throughout the program will provide you with a meaningful journey you won’t forget.

4. Culture exposure

There are ample benefits to your learning and development that can come from traveling abroad. Being fully immersed in another culture means you get to soak up all the elements that come from exposure to new traditions, customs, ideas, and perspectives. Having this exposure helps improve communication skills, empathy, and critical awareness of others’ lived experiences. Indeed, the skills and awareness you will glean from our travel abroad programs will help shape you into an informed, global citizen.

5. Humility

When you are living alongside a culture that is different from your own, you get to experience the daily routines and lifestyles of the local community. Chances are, the differences you encounter will challenge your beliefs towards societal norms, expectations, and varying roles in society. Seeing how people live and work in the day-to-day lives will encourage you to have a more informed, nuanced perspective towards the global community.

6. Personal development

Growing your own confidence through independence and cultural exposure are incredible ways to foster your personal development as a young individual. Through all of the new elements you will be experiencing, you will find yourself harnessing your adaptability, strength, character, and intelligence. Becoming more reliable, communicative, and affable in new environments paves the way to enhancing both your personal and professional life.


If you’ve read this far, you’ve become acquainted with the myriad skills and benefits that can come with taking advantage of a study abroad program. But, how are we certain that all this logic is accurate? Because we have taken the time to develop travel programs that are geared towards prepping young people to become their best selves. We facilitate cultural immersion through experienced mentors that lead participants and encourage them to grow via arts, culture, networking, and community-oriented service.

 If you can’t wait any longer to get out there and start making change, check out our upcoming programs.

We hope to see you there!

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