Meet the Cast Monday: Yassine from Bermuda and Morocco

Posted by Up with People on September 16, 2019

Yassine is 17-years-old and is a first semester traveler in the Up with People gap year program from Bermuda. Yassine shared about his experience coming from a small island, to traveling the world for the very first time.

Meet the Cast Monday: Yassine from Bermuda & Morrocco

Yassine has made his way from the small island of Bermuda to the mainland of the United States to travel in Up with People. What has he gained out of the program so far? Check out an exclusive interview we had with Yassine!

Posted by Up with People on Monday, September 16, 2019

What are some of your educational goals and interests?

“I am very interested in international relations and global politics.”

Why did you join Up with People?

“Coming out of high school and coming out of a really small island, I wanted to experience more of the world. But now that I’m here, I’m here for so much more than that.”

What has your experience in Up with People been like so far?

“My experience in Up with People has given me a much broader world view. It has developed me and I feel that I’m more mature now than when I first arrived. It has given me a sense of accomplishment from hard work, something I never got out of school.”

Why do you believe programs like Up with People are important?

“Programs like Up with People are important because there aren’t many of them. I feel like they offer development in a completely different way then other gap year programs. The ability to not only grow their students, but impact the communities they stay in, it’s worth every penny.”


“Oh, the earth is movin’ underneath our feet,
And thing’ll never be the same up and down our street
‘Cause we’re livin’ in a world in motion.

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