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7 May, 2018   |   

MEET THE CAST MONDAY: Hidde from The Netherlands

“Young adults are the ones who have the future in our hands. We are the future leaders. The ones who are going to keep this world alive. The ones who are making a difference. We can take what has been done wrong and fix it. This makes us the ones who responsible for making the world the best it can be.”     

How will you keep hope alive?

“I will keep hope alive by, being kind and respectful to everyone I meet, even if I have a different opinion. I will be true to myself and won’t let others change who I am. I will own up to my mistakes and grow as a person. I will make a difference in this world. If it be a small or big one, every single bit counts. I will show gratitude to the people who have gotten me to the place I am now and I will help the people who have not experienced the privileged life I have lived as much as possible. This world needs hope now. That’s why I decided go out there and actually change the world. Making the world a more positive and equal world, but by bit. This world is full with people with a burning desire to make this world a better place. It’s up to us to kickstart that fire.”

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