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17 Jun, 2019   |   

Meet the Cast Monday: Elena from Switzerland

Elena is a first semester cast member in Up with People from Switzerland. She is excited to announce that she will be traveling for a second semester in Up with People for the Fall, 2019 tour!

What did your life look like before coming to Up with People?

“Oh boy, it was pretty average. I was working and working and working. I worked in a cosmetics store in sales. I also have been dancing since I was 9-years-old.”

What is an issue that you feel really passionate about?

“What I am most passionate about is human rights. Everyone should be able to live as who they are and what they identify as. There is a lot of inequality in the world and a lot of smaller social groups that are being hated on and disrespected by government officials. The government should ready to accept everyone for who they are instead of standing in their way.”

What is something you have seen yourself grow in during Up with People?

“I’ve grown in a lot of ways and definitely as a performer traveling abroad. I didn’t perform a lot before even as a dancer. I learned a lot about stage presence, giving it your all and having top energy even though you are exhausted. As an individual, I’ve grown a lot too. I am more open to diversity, more open to learn and more open to fail.”

Volunteer abroad in a gap year program after high school

What is your favorite part of the show and why?

“The end! We are having a good time and partying on stage. It’s the best part because it’s just us hanging out and being ourselves before we close the show.”

What do you think is the most impactful or empowering song in the show?

“There are so many! My personal favorite is Home. It makes me cry and is such a great song. The environment is another thing I am really passionate about and Home is a song where I can basically tell my cast how much I love and care for the world, and for them. My favorite lyric from the song is ‘Everywhere is home.'”

What is the first thing on your bucket list?

“The first thing on my bucket list is seeing a full circle rainbow.”

What would you like to do after Up with People and what will you take with you?

“Probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be more open to failing and realizing that every failure is a lesson. I can learn from it and it’s not that bad to fail. I will be doing a second semester in Up with People. After that, I definitely want to continue traveling the world.

Do you have a quote you live by?

“Live simply, so others can simply live.”

“Everything you see
everywhere you look around you
you are home.”

Home © Up with People


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