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31 Oct, 2022   |   

Colorado Gives Day – 2022

It is almost a tradition in our state that we help those in need. As the largest 24-hour GIVING
event in Colorado, Colorado Gives Day has raised over 500 million dollars to empower non-
profit organizations that make a difference in our lives. On the first Tuesday of December since
2010, Coloradans have come together to support the nonprofit organizations that make our
state better daily. For example, there are over 3,000 non-profit organizations and the people
related to them have benefited from the generosity and kindness of the citizens of Colorado.
We expect you all to continue giving this year, just like the last twelve years. It is your giving
that contributes to the well-being of Colorado and our country.

Up with People, founded in 1965 and as one of the most inclusive and multicultural nonprofit
organizations in Colorado, has been building a movement and global community of lifelong
changemakers, working to advance inclusivity, sustainability, and human rights. Using the arts
and dialogue, Up with People wants to promote positive change around the world. For 57
years, Up with People (UWP) has been an apolitical, non-sectarian international educational
organization. We are dedicated to bringing people together from different mindsets, cultures,
ethnicities, and beliefs to find and build upon that which connects us rather than separates us.
Since its inception, Up with People's purpose was to give young people a community to seek
harmony and understanding rather than disorder and discord. We bring youth from around
the world together to connect, converse, collaborate, and create as a community. Through
educational workshops, volunteer opportunities, and projects, we help young people build the
skills necessary to bring change and hope to their home communities. Up with People brings
world talents to Colorado and Colorado shows itself to the world through Up with People.
Now more than ever, Colorado and the world needs non-profit organizations like Up with
People who is committed to bring the world together.

In order to continuously make this happen, our goal is to raise $5,000 on Colorado Gives Day
which will not only ensure our daily operations but also reflect our long-term vision and
purpose in Colorado as well as in the world. Up with People has changed many people lives
over the last six decades and now YOU can be a part of change agent by donating to Up with
People on this special event. Your donation to Up with People can literally change the world
for the better. And we want to invite you on board on Colorado Gives Day.

Thank you SO very much for your unwavering support and faith in Up with People. We are an
nonprofit organization and we are also a movement led by Youth, steering conversations
around values and finding collective solutions to global challenges, in the international language
of arts, dialogue and travel, beyond borders, beyond ideologies, and beyond barriers. Thank
you again for helping us achieve our goal $5,000 on Colorado Gives Day! We believe in

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