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7 Jun, 2019   |   

Cast of Up with People Wraps Up Spring, 2019 Tour

Gap year students in the Up with People program performing in MexicoIt has been an exciting time for the cast of Up with People. From Denver, Colorado in the United States, all the way to Skive, Denmark, this group of over 100 young adults from around the world have helped spread the mission of Up with People to several communities throughout North America and Europe.

How Up with People Has Impacted the World

As we wrap up their Spring, 2019 tour, we wanted to share with all of you what our cast has accomplished in these last few months.

  • Shows Performed: 34
  • Volunteer Sites: 132
  • Volunteer Hours: 7,476
  • Host Families: 582
  • Communities Impacted: 16
  • Youth Impacted: 15,356
  • Amount Raised for External Beneficiaries: Over $334,000

What Has Your Up with People Experience Been Like?

Want to hear from the cast? See what students have expressed as being some of the most pivotal parts of their journey while traveling and volunteering overseas.

“The thing I will miss the most about Up with People is the energy backstage right before a show. I love how everyone is getting ready and supporting each other before the music starts!” – Leonor from France

“I think that by participating in the Study Abroad program, it has brought an entirely new perspective to my experience in Up with People. The topics that we studied were so relevant, not just to the program, but to the world around us. Being able to apply them to your everyday life makes them so much more real. You really get to understand the reasoning behind what Up with People does as an organization.” – Bela from Maryland

“I decided to join and do a second semester for wanting to gain personal growth. I was so happy with how last semester went, and I felt like I had made so many really great connections. It opened my mind to so many things, and I felt like I finally knew how to express my voice in the ways that I wanted to and share what I was passionate about in constructive ways. I felt that doing a second semester, would solidify all the benefits that I’ve gotten from my first semester as a person.” – Katelyn from Canada

Cast of Up with People saying goodbye at the end of their gap year program

“I can’t explain to you what I just lived. This semester went by so fast and I think I still need time to digest. We were always busy doing amazing things everyday: rehearsing, community service, performing, participating and leading workshops, discovering new communities, countries, cultures and people from around the world. We met so many interesting people from all over that didn’t care where I was from or what my social status was.

I traveled with the cast for a semester and our host families opened up their homes and hearts to us. They always treated me with love and respect, just like a real family member. I now have a lot of new friends from many different countries. I know that, whether or not I see these people again, they will always have a special place in me. What we experienced together made us grow and understand our planet and our lives better.” – David from Mexico

“My year in Up with People has been an incredible space for me to find myself and the world at the same time. I can’t imagine a world where I’m not surrounded by so many cultures every single day and I’m sad to leave, but I know it’s time to take what I’ve learned into the world and I can’t wait to see what’s waiting out there for me to discover next!” – Ivy from Texas

Thank you to every host family, alumni, sponsor, donor, venue, meal & transportation contributor, parent and individual who has worked so hard to make this tour a success. We could not have done this without you. You have made an incredible difference in not only these communities we have visited, but the youth who have participated in the program.

“Journey on, Journey on
You can’t stay where you are for very long.
Don’t give up, find the strength you need to journey on.
‘cause in the end, it’s not just where we go,
But how we get there and who we’ve known
On this long walk, together we will journey on.”

Journey On © Up with People

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