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Travel Committee

Travel Committee

This committee shall be responsible for creating a global, alumni travel club and / or programs, developing contacts with alumni working in the travel industry, and creating an alumni travel series with the Programs and Events Committee.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Create a travel club and/ or programs for diverse groups of alumni to experience together.
  2. Create in-depth annual alumni weekend programs around a single focus— i.e. wines of Spain, Origami class in Japan, Italian art and history, etc
  3. Develop a network of travel and tourist industry alumni to develop and source bespoke tours, tailored to alumni special interests as expressed in survey.


  1. Partner with the area alumni clubs to create travel kits to sell to out-of-country alumni going to that region of the world.
  2. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Work Partners

Alumni Community
Alumni Engagement
Internal Development
Professional Development

The Travel Chair is responsible for recruiting committee members and ensuring the above duties and responsibilities are planned and implemented to support the entire organization.

Desired Skills and Competencies for the Committee Chair

  • Travel, event planning and/or logistics experience
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Excellent personal engagement skills across cultures and generations
  • Able to manage a multicultural team and motivate a team which works remotely
  • Self-motivated and positive
  • Willing to work across teams and committees to accomplish tasks and meet goals

Beneficial Skills and Experience for the Committee Chair

  • Strong verbal and communications skills
  • Knowledge of Zoom or similar online meeting technologies
  • Working knowledge of more than one language