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Strategy Committee

Strategy Committee

This committee shall be responsible for strategic future planning, developing and testing new ideas, as well as evaluating the association’s priorities, and maintaining, and/or providing course corrections to current plan implementations.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Deliver, maintain and review the Board’s future implementation plan.
  2. Continually update the implementation plan, roadmap, and rationale matrix documents should course corrections be made.
  3. Formally evaluate whether all committees are meeting their duties and responsibilities of implementing the Board’s future plan; evaluating success against the UWPIAA’s current 3 priorities and determining if success of failure in any area is due to committee actions, or lack of alumni interest in an area; and offering whether to stay steady on course or correct the course based on that evaluation and alumni feedback.


  1. Developing and testing new ideas (ex. rewards membership, gamification, programs pass, networking pass).
  2. Liaise with each Chair regarding the ongoing progress in their committee with regard to the overall strategy
  3. Work with Communications Chair to communicate plans, updates and outcomes to alumni community
  4. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Work Partners

Alumni Community
Alumni Engagement
External Relations
Internal Development
Professional Development

The Strategy Chair is responsible for recruiting committee members and ensuring the above duties and responsibilities are planned and implemented to support the entire organization.

Desired Skills and Competencies for the Committee Chair

  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Strong verbal and communications skills
  • Strong knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Self-motivated and positive
  • Willing to work across teams and committees to accomplish tasks and meet goals

Beneficial Skills and Experience for the Committee Chair

  • Project management skills
  • Knowledge of Zoom or similar online meeting technologies
  • Knowledge of asynchronous team working technologies
  • Ability to motivate a team working remotely