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Internal Development Committee

Internal Development Committee

This committee shall be responsible for overseeing the compliance, governance, diversity, inclusion, and equity of all UWPIAA actions and activities. Additionally, responsible for all Board of Governors (BOG) onboarding/training, and BOG election process.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Arbiter of all governance for the BOG by adhering closely to the UWPIAA bylaws and any legal requirements.
  2. Develop and maintain a handbook and training for onboarding all new BOG members.
  3. Implement training for BOG and committee members in line with the UWPIAA vision, mission, and objectives. This includes diversity, inclusion, and equity training for all BOG members.
  4. Oversee the entire election logistics and process for fairness and support the IAA Secretary’s election review to verify fairness and validate results.


  1. Develop the nomination schedule for each BOG recruitment cycle in conjunction with the Alumni Engagement Chair, who will oversee the recruiting and nomination process.
  2. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Work Partners

Alumni Community
Alumni Engagement
External Relations
Professional Development

The Internal Development Chair is responsible for recruiting committee members and ensuring the above duties and responsibilities are planned and implemented to support the entire organization.

Desired Skills and Competencies for the Committee Chair

  • Knowledge of how non-profits create and manage themselves with bylaws
  • Understanding and awareness of diversity and inclusion issues and best practices
  • Personable with good written and verbal communication skills—especially in non-English speaking communities, with experience of managing and/or influencing people
  • Able to manage a multicultural team and motivate a team which works remotely
  • Self-motivated and positive
  • Willing to work across teams and committees to accomplish tasks and meet goals

Beneficial Skills and Experience for the Committee Chair

  • Understanding external global trends in non-profit /NGO governance and having the ability to transfer these to the Board of Governors and committees to improve UWPIAA operations and diversity; or the willingness to research and learn
  • Experience in HR or business management, training, social science, or any other associated fields
  • Knowledge of Zoom or similar online meeting technologies