What Color Is God’s Skin?

“Good-night” I said to my little son
So tired out when the day was done.
Then he said as I tucked him in
“Tell me Daddy what color’s God’s skin?”

What color is God’s skin?

Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d...

Someone Else’s Eyes

If I was lookin’ through your eyes,
I wonder what I’d see.
Would I see your good and your bad?
Would I taste the sweet and the sad?
And would I understand you...

Can We Sing A Song Of Peace?

Can we sing a song of peace
In a world that’s full of fear?
Can a melody of hope
Ever hope to dry a tear?
It’s an easy thing to say
And it’s so hard to hear.
Will the fighting ever...