Unspoken Words

Somebody nods another bows
And then a hand is shaking a hand.
With little gestures and quiet moves
We try to understand.

Bizu bizu face to face
There’s a story in ev’ry look.

Unfinished World

When I think of all we’ve got
All the beauty that surrounds us
Like the magic of a sunset
And the children playing around us
What lovely lovely lovely place to be.
But like the day turns...

There’s Gonna Be Another Day

Somewhere in the world a child is born
He starts to cry and he’s on his way.
Someone holds his tiny little form
And is heard to say, is heard to...

The Further We Reach Out

I had a thought while they walked in the moondust
In one moment I saw,
Like warm air rising or apples falling,
Must be a natural law

The further we reach out, the closer we become...

The Sound Of Peace

Is there any greater sadness than a child that’s born in fear?
What a lonely sight the world would make if the children were not here.
‘Cause they’re the universal melody the music of our...

Someone Else’s Eyes

If I was lookin’ through your eyes,
I wonder what I’d see.
Would I see your good and your bad?
Would I taste the sweet and the sad?
And would I understand you...

Sing Your Song

There’s an old man by the subway train
With his old guitar, you pass him every day.
Today’s the first time you stop and listen,
As you’re reachin’ for change in your pocket, he...

Shine The Light

I was watchin’ the news today
So many struggle to live
We’re all in this world together
There’s so much I can give

So lets raise up...

Shine On, Shine Man

See a man standin’ there with a smile and a rag and he’s waitin’ just for you.
Ev’rybody comes from miles around just to see what he can do.
He sets you down, puts your foot up, pops a...

Save The Dancer

The ravages of human history,
The savageness of our sword.
Are as much of our legacy
As the heights we have explored.
It seems our questing for paradise
Is dressed in paradox,