“Where The Roads Come Together…”

October 20, 2020

Between Facebook and YouTube, the Tapestry 2.0 cast has over 31,000 views—you can watch their video at the links. The virtual chorus of 123 sang the iconic song “Roads”.

The distanced cast had participants from 22 nations and two areas. Every era of UWP was represented, from the 1960s to the 2010s. Each participant recorded a video of themselves singing their vocal part and submitted it to the organizing committee, who mixed and edited the final song together:

WATCH the Tapestry 2.0 Cast sing “Roads” on YouTube NOW

To get involved in future Tapestry 2.0 productions, join the Facebook group. The group is also looking for a volunteer “Video Post-Production Editor” proficient in Adobe Premiere. If you have this experience, contact us by replying to UpBeat or on the submission form here.


  1. It would have been nice for those of the millions of us NOT on Facebook to have had a chance to participate. I sang Roads, subbing for the lead, on several occasions while touring and have a special fondness for the song. My buddy Willie Knowles always knocked it out of the ball park but I was lucky enough to have had a chance (that prison in Bermuda comes to mind…ha!).

    1. Stephen, we‘ll put your concern on the next excec committee meeting agenda.
      As of now Facebook is the only means of communication for Tapestry 2.0 cast, but we will sure discuss options.

    2. Saw your comment and it is truly unfortunate you were not able to participate due to not knowing about it. We needed to find a venue to get the word out and there is a large number of alumni on Facebook in a number of different groups (UWPIAA, cast groups, etc.). We asked people to get the word out to people in their casts who might want to participate. It seems the word never made it to you, however.

      If you have suggestions on other ways to get word out to cast members from all years, we’d love to hear them. We are in the early planning stages of what to do next and are looking to include as many people as possible beyond using the existing Facebook groups.

  2. Thanks for your interest and we hope you can join us if/when we do another song! We invited participants via UWP/UWPIAA and general public formats, but yes, both were accessible via Facebook. How might we have reached you otherwise, since all of our Tapestry Cast 2.0 communication was and will likely continue on our Facebook group page? The UWPIAA group page is how we stay in touch in real time with alumni who wish to stay connected to the alumni network. We would love to have your ideas, as we hope to extend participation beyond those almost 1000 alumni cast members that already joined’TapCast2’!

  3. Great job. I had tears ???? coming down my face watching it. I loved performing in the Tapestry cast at or 50th anniversary. What an honor to be a part of that and the Branson reunion cast. I will never forget my short time with the show in 69.

  4. I’m another alum who doesn’t use Facebook. However, I do receive emails for ‘Upbeat.’ Suggest using the UWP/Alumni Association email list to get out the word in addition to Facebook. Thanks!
    Bruce Parker
    Cast ‘A’ 1967-1970

    1. We will be working to expand our reach in order to invite & include more alumni and friends of UWP. We are already exploring how to reach the younger generations of alumni, as they have largely left Facebook behind to other formats of communication like Instagram, etc. To connect with such an extensive multi-generational constituency spanning over 55 years – 1965-2020 – we must expand our communication & marketing practices to reach all the world, as UWP was born to do. All suggestions welcome!

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