Mid-year Expression Session – July 3, 2021

UWPIAA - Lisa Diaz, '98C, Interim Communications Chair
May 16, 2021
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Expression Sessions are the time to close the doors to our audiences and host families and have a CAST ONLY celebration of talent… and “talent”

Upload your 3-minute video of what you do, your art, music, or passion straight to this link:


by June 20

Mid Year Expression Session Submit a video of what you do, your art, music or passion... or a hello from your favorite restaurant by June 20, 2021. Join the fun on July 3, 2021

Enjoy the show on July 3, 2021!

9 am- 11am & 9pm – 11pm New York (EDT)

Zoom Registration Link for Act I

Zoom Registration Link for Act II

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Expression Session Act I

Expression Session Act II


  1. Greetings from Boulder, Colorado. I’m sharing a video of I song I wrote for World Singing Day, which I founded in 2021 to unite communities around the world by singing together on the third Saturday in October each year.

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