Scholarships & Grants

Up with People is committed to building diverse traveling casts with representatives from across the globe, and we want to ensure that all qualified candidates have the opportunity to join our amazing program. We realize that the program fee might seem out of reach to some, and so we offer several financial resources for accepted cast members who may need a little extra help.

Incoming participants often raise their program fee through a variety of sources.

  • Fundraising
  • Scholarships & Grants
  • Work/Save
  • Community support
  • Personal loans
  • Sponsorships

Up with People Scholarships

General Scholarship Fund
All accepted cast members are welcome to apply for scholarship support if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Financial need of the individual and family
  • Effort that the student has put forth raising the funds
  • Merit that the student brings to the program (e.g. leadership and/or musical ability)
  • Diversity

Dedicated Scholarships
Up with People offers several dedicated scholarships for which future cast members may be eligible. Each of the dedicated funds listed below have specific criteria designated by the donor(s) of the scholarship.


Up with People Grants

Program fee grants are funds available to incoming cast members based on a set of specific criteria. Grants are limited and awarded to the cast member after they have paid the $500 non-refundable program deposit. The grants are listed below, and are available until the funds are exhausted. If you believe you qualify for one of these grants, please talk to your Admissions Counselor or email with your name and qualifications.

African American
African American Tuition Grant - Automatically available to African American participants.

African Nations
African Nations Tuition Grant - Automatically available to applicants with African Nation citizenship living in an African Nation.

Italian Citizen
Italian Citizen Tuition Grant - Automatically available to applicants with Italian citizenship living in Italy.

Kosovo Citizen
Kosovo Citizen Tuition Grant - Automatically available to applicants with Kosovo citizenship living in Kosovo.

Latin American
Latin American Citizen Tuition grant - Automatically available to applicants with Latin American citizenship living in a Latin American country.

Native American
Native American Tuition Grant - Automatically available to Native American participants.


Many cast members have been very successful in raising funds to cover a portion or all of their program fees. The following fundraising guide is full of ideas, tips and tools that will help you launch your own efforts!


Other Support

Alumni Golden Passport Scholarship
Up with People alumni are an important part of our community, and they make a huge impact on our cast every semester. The Golden Passport Scholarship is available to any accepted student whom an alumnus personally recruited and recommended to travel and is worth $1,000 USD towards your tuition.

Camp Up with People Alumni Award
Any Camp Up with People attendee who later applies and is accepted to travel in the Up with People program will receive an automatic $1,000 USD award towards their program fee. This award will be made in addition to any other scholarship assistance you receive through other Up with People sources.