Investing in your Future

The Up with People program provides a rich global education and prepares our participants with skills and aptitudes that prepare you for success in a 21st-century world. Through our unique blend of international travel, host family living, community action work, and performing arts education, you will leave the program inspired to use your newly enhanced skills to make your mark on the world.

Program Fees (all in USD)

    • Single Semester: $17,450 USD
    • Second Semester: $9,900 USD – $11,900 USD depending on registration date

                          Tiered pricing structure and deadlines for the Cast A 2018 second semester program:

      • $9,900 USD | October 8, 2017
      • $10,900 USD | December 7, 2017
      • $11,900 USD | First day of the January 2018 tour

                         Tiered pricing structure and deadlines for the Cast B 2018 second semester program:

      • $9,900 USD | Last day of Cast A 2018’s USA tour
      • $10,900 USD | Last day of Cast A 2018’s tour
      • $11,900 USD | First day of the July 2018 tour

             Full year: $27,350 USD – $29,350 USD

Your program fee is less than the ACTUAL expense of travel, which is $32,000 per semester. Up with People covers the additional expense through donations and gifts to our organization.

Your program fee covers:

  • All housing, meals and travel for the duration of the tour

Not covered by the program fee:

  • Transportation TO Denver, Colorado, USA for the start of your tour and FROM the last city of your tour
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, toiletries, etc.)
  • Health insurance

Program Fee Payment Due Dates*:

Semester January – Cast A July – Cast B
Deposit – $500.00 May 1st November 1st
Payment #1 – $5000.00 October 1st April 1st
Payment #2 – $5000.00 November 1st May 1st
Payment #3 – Remaining Balance December 1st June 1st

*Payment can be made any time in advance of the due date

You don’t need to go it alone! Up with People offers a variety of scholarships and grant assistance. In addition, we have some creative resources & guides to help you develop a fundraising plan to help offset your program fees.

Earn Academic Credit

Up with People also gives you the chance to earn Academic Credit while on tour, delivered in collaboration with our academic partner, Florida Southern College. For the nominal additional administrative fee of $950.00 USD, you can earn up to 12 academic credits per semester!